Unto the Kukus family of Arogbo Ijaw was a shinning star born on Saturday February 14, 1971. Although, it was be admitted that the new born that has now turned out a globally recognized environmental activist was delivered to his humble family in a modest and small package. This further lend credence to the aphorism that most great products are delivered in small packages.

The birthdays of most great men are often than not heralded with glowing tributes, heartfelt felicitations and princely celebrations. Dr. Kingsley Kuku is a man who has given his all for the sake of Ijaw nation and the cause of Niger-Delta; he therefore deserves a nothing short of a kingly birthday celebration.

The story of Ghana cannot be told without making mention of Nkwame Nkrumah. The same way the liberation struggle in South Africa will always be dominated by the name of late Madiba, Dr. Nelson Mandela. No research work can be done on computers without giving ample credit to the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, while no narration on social media revolution could ever be completed without the name of Facebook founder, Mike Zukerberg. And of course, any research work on internet search engines must be repleted with the name of Google. In the light of these, the story of lasting peace restoration and transformation of the lives of former agitators in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria cannot be told without making mention of the invaluable contributions by Dr. Kingsley Kuku.

Some aristocrats were born great while a host of others actually laboured to attain greatness in life. There is no gainsaying the fact that Kingsley Kuku did not only toiled for greatness, but he did become great by making huge personal sacrifice and risking his life. Although, Kingsley Kuku will only turn 49 today February 14, but his contributions thus far to his Ijaw nation and Nigeria at large clearly outweighed that of so many people that were born decades before him. There is no doubt that the place of the Arogbo Ijaw born politician and environmental right activist has been safely reserved in nation’s history and posterity.

Contributions of Hon. Kuku to the restoration of peace in the Niger-Delta was again appreciated by the then first family of the United States when he made the list of some notable personalities around the world that attended a special dinner for President Barack Obama’s inauguration. Effort of Kingsley Kuku was again in April 2015 appreciated when he got selected as one of the recipients of the Honorary Citizenship of the State of Georgia in the United States by the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus (GLBC).

Kuku is a huge respecter of family values despite the distractions of his many national and international engagements. This no doubt explains why he has been happily married with responsible children.

The doyen of Ijaw nation is wished many more year of selfless contributions to his father’s land and humanity in good health, sound of mind and all round fulfilments. Many happy returns of the day KKK.

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