WHEN 4+4=4 By: Kennedy Peretei.


WHEN 4+4=4

By: Kennedy Peretei.

It is quite amazing that those who had the privilege of becoming Governors against the run of play have littered every available space with Bill boards displaying what Chief Obasanjo called leprous fingers.
Up till the APC Governorship primaries, Yahaya Bello owed two years workers salaries. He quickly paid up the arrears with promise that, workers salaries will be regular. The logical inference is that, the State had capacity to pay all along. He merely needed the reality of failure staring him in the face to pay.
Yahaya Bello, did not win any elections on his merit. He inherited Abubarkar Audu’s votes who suddenly died after he clearly won the election. The powers that be in Abuja thought otherwise, and from the blues, Bello worked against his party APC in the Governorship election became Governor. This was the first time an Ebira man entered Lugard House as elected Governor. On a good day, given his youthful age and place of birth, one would have expected Bello to perform. But he used the better part of his four years pursing his enemies, especially Senator Dino Malaye. On November 16, Yahaya Bello will square up with Engr. Musa Wada of PDP who is an Igala man. If registered voters or votes returned during election is an index for judging, Yahaya’s expected four years tenure beyond 2020 will be zero.

  • The Kogi story is very similar to that of Ondo State. Aketi rode on the back of deep seated acrimony and disagreement within the ranks of the People’s Democratic Party to coast home to victory in 2016. His Election was not even challenged at the Tribunal. Aketi, was not magnanimous in victory. He has ruptured the veins that supplied the APC with blood. The party is now in tatters. Of course, in the 2019 General Elections, Aketi’s Government fielded candidates in Action Alliance, but not one of them made it. That should have been the pointer to him that, he is in a fool’s paradise to think that he can earn another four years to the four spent in persecuting and fighting imaginary enemies.
    In all of these, one can see very clearly that the 4+4 is actually 4+0 whose answer is 4. Nobody should delude himself to thinking that APC in spite of their incumbency can pull any strings in Kogi and Ondo. Those who are close to them should tell them that their 4 + 4= 4 similar to what couples are admonished at marriage that 1 + 1=1

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