The Party Congresses are just a couple of weeks away and understandably, members or even interest groups within the Party across the Zone are contending for positions and influences, this is legitimate.
However it has become compelling to insist that in preparing for the Congresses, complete obedience to the Party Constitution and strict adherence to the election guidelines as issued by the National Secretariat is not negotiable, therefore the National Vice Chairman, Dr Eddy Olafeso directs that Party Executives at every level must not abuse the privileges of their position to oppress Party members or even interests they consider divergent to their positions or aspirations. Thus suspensions or expulsions from the Party at this period will be considered as actions motivated to shut opposing people and group within the Party from partaking in the elections and seriously frowned at.
The Zonal Executive is particularly miffed at developments in Ekiti and therefore call on all leaders and members of the Party in that State to immediately take concerted actions in that respect forthwith. Suspensions and counter suspensions in Ekiti is seriously frowned at, therefore the status quo remains. It also hereby directed that there must be absolute restraint in the exercise of constitutional privileges by Party Officers.
We implore that peace and amity must reign in our Party.
The South West Zone of our Party remains the most peaceful and crisis free in the nation and we do not expect anything to alter that status.
We thank our leaders and members for keeping the peace and sustaining the interest of the Party.

Ayo Fadaka
Zonal Publicity Secretary.
12th February.

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