Dr. Kukoyi Launches CBD Oil With Great Health Benefits


Dr. Kukoyi Launches CBD Oil With Great Health Benefits

A family and occupational health physician, Dr Kukoyi Morenike has launched a herbal product, CBD oil that is proven and certified to give great health benefits to the people.

CBD oil has over the years been proven to be purely medicinal and it interacts extremely well with the human endocannabinoid system. The oil with its healing properties has also been in use for many centuries.

The oil is extracted from the hemp plant which is part of the cannabis family, but it has been tested and proven not to give any form of drug induced state. CBD oil has also been confirmed by global health bodies to be totally different from marijuana which is another specie of cannabis plant.

The verifiable health benefits of CBD oil include analgesic,
antibacterial, anti-diabetic, antidepressant and anti-emetic. Other established health benefits of the CBD oil are anti-epileptic,
anti-inflammatory, anti-insomnia,
anti-ischemic and antipsioratic. CBD is also the only cannabinoid that is identified to have the health properties of anti-proliferative,
antipsychotic, antioxidant,
antispasmodic and anxiolitic.

Meanwhile, hemp plant is only now becoming accepted and made popular by the mainstream medical communities across the world. Dr Sanjay Gupta of CNN is a CBD advocate and one of the globally respected persons in the field of medicine that have lent credence to effectiveness of herbal supplement in the treatment of many ailments and conditions that affect the human body.

Testimonies are abound from different people within and outside of Nigeria that have successfully used CBD oil to treat various ailments and several health conditions. Also, CBD oil is proven to be a safe herbal nutritional supplement for children as well as animals, particularly domestic pets.

However, notwithstanding the many established health benefits and properties of CBD oil, there are still no absolute statements that CBD oil can cure anyone of just any ailment. This certainly has to do with the fact that human bodies adapt differently to different medications in the long run.

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