Ifeoluwa Oyedele and His Coat Of Many Colours


Ife Oyedele and His Coat Of Many Colours

If there’s anything which the world knows about the Executive Director, Niger Delta Power Holding Company Limited, Engr. Ife Oyedele, it is his penchant for excellence.

The highly respected technocrat can be described by the larger populace as a man who exudes great brilliance, a classical definition of a perfect gentleman who takes beauty in thriving with simplicity.

Of a truth, he has paid his dues and it’s no surprising to see the world rewarding the noble Oyedele with the coat of many colours which he truly deserves.

The 2022 is one of the years which saw to it that the world celebrated him for who he is and what he represents. In the course of the year, he has been celebrated and honoured for his various outstanding contributions to the overall development of the nation.

It was not surprising to see that he was  celebrated as African Man of the Year 2022 in the faraway Gambia at the 12th edition of The Voice Africa Magazine Awards.

The award, conferred on Oyedele by The Voice Africa Magazine in the Netherlands, recognises Africans who have distinguished themselves in service to their country and continent.

Also, about a month ago, he bagged the Distinguished Alumnus Award of the University of Lagos. And to crown this, just a few days ago, he was sworn in as the President (Worldwide) of the University of Lagos Alumni Association.

The aforementioned are testament of his excellence and brilliance which he has built for himself over the years.

Even as we await the dawn of a new year, it would not be surprising to see him bag more laurels to add to his long list of laurels.

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