Idanre/Ifedore 2023: Why Festus Akingbaso is the right choice


The year 2023 which is another elective year comes with its usual trend, which will see political figures selling out themselves and their works in order to win the mandate of the electorate.

This period as witnessed given the current political mood is one which has seen the people becoming highly critical of the people they give their mandate to and in the case of politicians seeking another term, the people have made it known that only candidates who have fulfilled their electoral promises will be returned come 2023.

For the people of Idanre Constituency, there is no better time than this especially when it comes to the social-political structure of their constituency, the last three and a half years have seen them enjoy the very best of good representation and administration under the leadership of Hon. Festus Akingbaso.

Akingbaso popularly known as FESSYWEST, has to the best of his abilities changed the narrative for the better in the region. The young and vibrant lawmaker has dedicated his resources to the service of his people.

Akingbaso who is eyeing the Idanre/Ifedore federal constituency under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, has proven that he has all it takes to deliver at the federal level.

His performance while in the Ondo State House of Assembly further lays great credence to his profile as an astute politician and proactive lawmaker who understands what it takes to use the commonwealth of the people to their benefits.

He seeks to represent his people at the federal level in order to facilitate projects that would impact the people’s lives and to deliver the dividends of democracy to the doorsteps of the people of the constituency.

In one of his interview with newsmen, he said that, the federal constituency has not experienced a federal presence adequately like other constituencies and stressed the need to ensure quality representation in the National Assembly to solve many of the problems facing the area.

“With what I have been doing ever since I got to the Ondo State House of Assembly, I believe that will speak well for me. My constituents can as well testify to it and I’m not going to stop it there.

“During my tenure as Chairman of Idanre Local Government, they supported me enormously and now as a legislator representing Idanre State Constituency. If I get to the House of Representatives, definitely, I will perform better.

“When I came in as a member of House of Assembly through the opposition party, many did not expect that, as an opposition member, I will be able to do anything by bringing dividend of democracy to them but I performed to their admiration. So, if I have the opportunity now to move forward to the federal level, the two local governments in the federal constituency will benefit immensely.”

Given the determination and the brilliant track record of Hon. Akingbaso, there is no doubt about his ability to deliver if given the mandate.

Hence this is a clarion call for the people of the federal constituency to push for a representation that can be rest assured will deliver. He has done it before and he will do it again. As a man closer to the people, he understands what needs to be done and how it must be done. The onus rest on the people who are the electorates to make the right choice come 2023.

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