Yoruba Interest group begs Tinubu to pardon Sunday Igboho to return to Nigeria


A group agitating for adequate security and rapid development of Yoruba land, the Yoruba Self Determination Coalition (YSDC) has appealed to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to grant a presidential pardon to the Yoruba Nation agitator, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho who has been on exile in Benin Republic for him to return to Nigeria.

It would be recalled that Chief Adeyemo’s residence in Ibadan was attacked by security agents during the Buhari administration, which led to his subsequent detention in Benin Republic but was eventually released in March 2022 to get medical attention on the condition that he would not leave the West African country.

In a statement issued and signed by the
National Leader of the Yoruba Self Determination Coalition (YSDC), Otunba Demola Edward and its National Secretary, Mr Tunji Omolewu respectively said Sunday Igboho should be allowed to return to Nigeria in the interest of national unity, to move the country forward.

The concerned Yoruba group said that this is the right time for President Tinubu to use his presidential prerogative to effect the release of Igboho who has been exile in the neighbouring Benin Republic.

It stated “As hinted by the name of the organization we are here representing today, the progress and development of the southwest region of Yoruba is our paramount interest”.

“ We urge President Tinubu who was himself an agitator for democracy during the June 12 1993 saga, to pardon Chief Adeyemo because his agitation was solely for the security and development of the Yoruba South west region”.

The group pledged its support for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in his bold quest to move the country forward and ensure continued growth of democratic and judicial institutions, as well as the patriotic values and characters of the citizenry.

“Perhaps you would all agree with us that the dwindling fortunes of this country has been deeply aggravated by the 1999 constitution which was handed to us by the military, without the input of democratic representations. There is no gain saying that this country needs an urgent rescue from the worsening socio-economic and security ailment of all time, and the first dose of the panacea to cure such crises must and should be the amendment of the so-called 1999 constitution, which successive administrations lack the political will to implement.

“We believe that President Tinubu is a brave leader who has all it takes to engage cerebral socio-political approaches to see to the amendment of the anti-progressive constitution”, it noted


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