Honestly speaking, I don’t know the latest position of the people in authority about social media regulating proposal and the rationale behind it. And I doubt if oga Alhaji Lai Muhammad hasn’t ‘simendo’ on his regulating agitation since he’s out of power. He must be enjoying the rebate now that he’s less occupy. Nothing in this world that doesn’t have its good and bad sides. Every creation of God, measured in twos, positive and negative, man and woman, for the reasons best known to Him.

We cannot, because of some little negative grounds throw the baby away with the bathwater. Harnessing the positivity that the social media offers for the good of the society and humanity will make more sense. And for the fake news peddlers, the law is there to condemn them to where they belong.

The closest companion one can have now in this degenerated world is social media, for information, education, entertainment and the rest. Just imagine the number of lunatics that would be roaming our streets or would’ve committed suicide if not for this ‘evil’ social media which comes as relief to suppress the tension and stress orchestrated by economic hardship many people are passing through today.

It’s normal, our title holders have reasons to be jittery and apprehensive knowing fully well that people are not unaware of the evils committed against common good, and also having in mind the enomous havoc the social media can create if effectively utilize in demanding for good governance.

Arab spring, an anti-government protests that spread across the Arab world was initiated in social media. It began in Tunisia in response to corruption and economic hardship. As aptly put by George Orwell, “in time of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act”, against the establishment.

Meanwhile, there are lots of trending stories on the social media nowadays. No hidden place for evil doers with the advent of this little device. Although this is far from what you’re thinking, not the Boborisky and Potable ‘s brotherhood and sisterhood drama. These guys are living their dreams while we amuze ourselves with their fantasy. Not his/her conviction by EFCC which some legal minds regarded as detraction when other weighty issues are abandoned will change anything. Not even that resignation of British Minister who couldn’t afford to pay his mortgage, unlike his billionaire counterparts here who enjoy impunity.

However, what indeed attracted my curiosity are the two videos in circulation in resent time. The first one was the dramatic display of suspended Accountant-General of the Federation, Dr. Ahmen Idris who stole over N100B of Nigerian commonwealth out of which EFCC claimed to have recovered N30B. And the second video was the sermon of Islamic cleric, Shekh Muh. Taofeeq, sent to me by a friend who resides in Texas-USA

It has become their usual dramatic gimmick to evade prosecution and justice whenever they have dates with EFCC in court. Dr. Idris cannot be an exception. Is when they have case with EFCC in court that they remember medical checkup abroad or develop one terrible ailment. Our 3rd citizen, the Senate President, Dr. Akpabio is in this league, he developed pneumonia and cardiac arrhythmia when he was asked to appear in court in respect of N108.1 billion of Akwa Ibom State funds.In the Dr. Idris’s video, four to five men were helping climbing the staircase while pretending as patient who has stroke but his movement changed the moment he left the courtroom, he was more faster than that of reigning athlete Amusan while observing his Ramadan prayer.

And in the second video, the Islamic cleric, Shekh Muh. Taofeeq said plenty, many of which are our daily lamentation, the troubles created by ourselves for ourselves. But certain area of his sermon fancied my interest, that was his rhetoric question; ” what are our professors of engineering professing if they cannot manufacture or produce ordinary bicycle”?

No doubt, we’re indeed a resilient and wonderful people. We cherish life, no matter how terrible the condition. Another good aspect about us is obsession to titles of different categories and grades. No wonder our political landscape is awashed with all kinds of titles which some of the aspirants are pushing forward as prerequisite and qualifications for who pick the Ondo state APC governorship ticket in April. You can’t blame or castigate Senator JI for displaying his certificates and titles on the front page of national news papers. Alara lo n’gbe ara ga. Obe to dun owo lo pa.

It’s now a common trend, not limited to the
political class but all institutions in the country. Operation flunt your title! For what, self glorification or aggrandizement? You’re inconsequential and accord no respect if your name is not attachs with Prof. Dr. PhD, Chief, SAN, Hon. Pastor, Rev. Senator, Barr. Bishop, Engr. Prince, Princess, just name it. This mentality is more prominent amongst the so called bureaucrats, technocrats, politicians, professionals, and yes, men of God. Fishermen, carpenters, plumbers, pepper sellers are not left out in the struggle to add title to their names. Did I hear you say rats race indeed?

Go to our public and private sectors, do the data of title holders in these institutions to confirm my lie. Mind you, these are the makers and movers of our collective destiny. What value or productivity their so called titles had added to the growth of the society and humanity in general if not corruption, insecurity, poverty and state of hopelessness? Same hope President Tinubu vowed to renew.

We have them in the three arms of power; Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. The questions are; What manner of policy are the Executive executing for the good of the people? What law is the Legislature legislating for the people they represent? And what justice is the Judiciary adjudicating and dispensing for the growth of the society? These are the salient questions Shekh Muh. Taofeeq still asking our titles holders who cornered our collective commonwealth at the detriment of common good.

Please don’t get me wrong or misconstrue my position. It’s natural, people do celebrate life achievement and attainment. It’s not an easy task to climb the ladder of success. How many people are privileged to attain or obtain such title in their life time? Our gov’ship aspirant, Senator JI was right after all in his interview on channels TV; did the party APC paid his school fees or suffered with him inside cold on the bicycle, to tap from his brain? It is no joke to acquire three PhDs and multiple degrees, for one not to brag and not look down on lesser people. It’s his perogative to be proud of these feats. I have no problem with that.

Let’s get the import of this piece clear, it’s about our attitude to title that has not been adding any value to our society as the case is so obvious. What is the essence of education if it’s not serving humanity or enhancing societal value? They say, education without value, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil. Gandhi was apt with his seven sin; wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, and politics without principles.

The money that meant for roads/infrastructure, agriculture/farming, poverty alleviation, security, hospital/health, education, administration of justice, ended up in private-individual pockets. The menace has nothing to do with age or gender. Imagine that beautiful lady, Dr. Edu, ex humanitarian minister who N30B was traced to her bank accounts. This is Nigeria where everything goes. And you think it’s normal for PhD holders to apply for truck driver and recruited as primary school teachers?

But what these lunatic tittles holders wanted to do with such humongous amount of money at that old age demands psychological and psychiatric explanation. I believe Dr. Emefiele is enjoying his heist trillions of naira in EFCC cell? And the stories are all the same across board.

The ex JAMB registrar, Prof. Dibu Ojerinde’s story flashed my mind. His case and four of his children still pending in court on charges of stealing and embezzlement of JAMB fund estimated to the tune of N5B. I grown up to hear and read about his academic prowess. His name was in every household in those days. The reputation and integrity he had laboured to build for decades got burnt on the altar of greed and avarice. I think he’s now shadow of himself. So unfortunate and sad!

Let it be clear to title mongers, Ondo state people cannot be cowed to jettison character and capacity in who becomes governor in November. Governance is not a rocket science and not exclusive rights of title holders. Jakande successfully ruled cosmopolitan Lagos in 1979-84 with O. Level and Dip.in Journalism. His achievements as governor remains a reference point till date.

So far, so good, with the litle period in the saddle, Gov. Aiyedatiwa has shown capacity, competency and character as the most experience among the aspirants, to deliver leadership the state deserves in 2025.

Falarungbon Fisayo Williams @newsflo.ng

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