Rejoinder On Vicious Political Blackmail of Senator Tayo Alasoadura


Rejoinder On Vicious Political Blackmail of Senator Tayo Alasoadura

We have read an online publication that was focused on campaign of calumny against Senator Tayo Alasoadura, an APC Chieftain and the immediate past Minister of State for Niger Delta.

Ordinarily, this type of publication authored by faceless and obviously disgruntled individuals should have been ignored; but for the realization that a lie that is allowed to flow and fly unrestricted by account of proper perspective, may be taken to be the truth by unsuspecting members of the public.

To start with, a 20-paragraph publication that has no name, address, signature or even designation of the author, can only at best be a concocted tissue of lies. At least, fairness demands that anyone that is bold enough to push out a 20-paragraph unconscionable and outright falsehoods should equally be courageous to at least attach a name, even if it is a pseudo name.

By global standard of journalistic practice, one of the easiest indicators of a crudely fake, unsubstantiated and downright falsified publication is a deliberate ploy to lean towards anonymity. The 20-paragraphs tissue of lies against Senator Tayo Alasoadura is also against the Law of Natural Justice which stipulates that he that accuses also has the onus to prove same allegation. Sadly, the faceless persons that have wrongly accused Senator Alasoadura of anti-party activities are not even known let alone making efforts to prove their obviously unconscionable allegations.

Notwithstanding the fact the authors of this ill-intended and ill-motivated allegations against Senator Alasoadura are unknown, but we have thought it necessary to put lies to the issues fabricated raised in the publication in question.

The publication alleges that Chief Alasoadura held series of nocturnal meetings for the purpose of working against the interest of the political party that made him a minister and a senator. Nothing else can be farther from the truth. These are merely wild and ungodly allegation. Anyway, we challenge the faceless authors of this publication to provide the evidence of their claim. After all, whoever that alleges must prove same allegation.

It can only amounts to turning down logic on its head if a man who created and lavishly funded mobilization group for his political party, APC to still be accused of working against the candidates of same party. This is simply illogical and such wild allegation must be discountenanced and condemned by all discerning members of the All Progressive Congress.

Despite being a candidate himself in the 2019 elections, Senator Alasoadura was about the only person that gave financial support to all candidates of the APC. Any individual that tilts with anti-party tendencies would not have ever done this. Truth is, between then and now, Chief Alasoadura is still as resolutely committed to the APC as ever.

No one can deny the fact that Senator Alasoadura deployed resources, mobilized and also worked tirelessly for the victory of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as well as other candidates of his party. Notwithstanding the ongoing maligning of Chief Alasoadura, he is still very much committed to ensuring victory for all Akure North candidates of the APC in the House of Assembly election scheduled for March 11 ,2023.

Contrary to false allegation in the publication, achievements of Senator Tayo Alasoadura as Minister of State for Niger Delta are undeniably evident across and even beyond Ondo Central Senatorial District. No one can in good conscience claim not to enjoy the illuminating service of the solar street lights installed all over the state by Chief Alasoadura.

In addition, road projects that were facilitated in Ondo State by Chief Alasoadura are there for all to see. Contrary to the claim of failed water projects facilitated by Senator Alasoadura, those enjoying these water till today are very much appreciative of this thoughtful project by the former Minister of State for Niger Delta.

However, it particularly saddens that the obviously uninformed and paid authors of the publication in question claimed that Chief Alasoadura failed to embark on any meaningful empowerment project while in office as a minister. This is totally far from the truth as record and evidence loudly point to the contrary.

We can gladly assert that Senator Alasoadura did train several thousands of Ondo State youths and backed up the trainings it with financial empowerment. Without being immodest we make bold to state that Chief Alasoadura influenced the disbursement of N500,000 each as grant to more than 1000 persons while in office as a Minister of State for Niger Delta.

We will not hesitate to provide evidence of all our claims provided those behind the viciously campaign of calumny and blackmail against Senator Tayo Alasoadura will be courageous enough to unmask and reveal their true identities to the public.

Most importantly, senator Alasoadura is known over the decades as man who has dedicated himself to communal growth and party development. The blatantly false allegation against the innocent man is wicked, unnecessary and it smacked-off venomous hatred for Chief Alasoadura.

Senator Alasoadura has been responsible for various communal efforts which has significantly aided the development of various sons and daughters of the State, he has been solely responsible for the payment of 120 students in Ondo Central till date, he was also instrumental to the second term victory of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu as he did contributed his resources to the success of the re-election bid.

It should be well acknowledged that Senator Tayo Alasoadura is a senior citizen and an elder statesman for that matter. For this reason, the man should deserves to get accorded his due respect. The man is also at liberty to keep a low profile for now having given his all to the service of Nigeria, Ondo State, Akure North Local Government and the All Progressive Congress. The decision of low profile made by the senior citizen is not out of place and should not be misconstrued to mean something else. Chief Alasoadura should at least be allowed to savour the bliss of his low profile decision.

Ayodele Ademola writes from Akure

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