Programme of Events for The Apostolic High School, Ilara Mokin 50th Anniversary


*Day One: Wednesday 28th September, 2022*

*Awareness/ sentizisation*
a. Thanksgiving Service at The Apostolic Church, Ilara-Mokin – 8am.
b. Visit to Adaba FM – 10am
c. Visit to Alara’s Palace — 11am.
d.Visit to Elizade University- 2pm
e. Visit to the School — 3pm

The visit shall be led by National Working Committee members , Board of Trustees members, CWC, All sub- committe members among others. Members will be encouraged to wear customized TShirts and cap with funfare.

*Punctuality is the soul of business*

Adedayo E.AFE
*Chairman, Programme and Events Committee*

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