Olanipekun Adebutu:Celebrating an Icon Per Excellence


Greatness is not a celestial attributes, it’s one made for men who have highly distinguished themselves highly exceptionally amazing in the world of men.

It’s accorded to men of excellence, true progressive who have through the course of their existence forge for themselves a name, a brand that will live through generations.

Mr. Olanipekun Adebutu stands highly exceptionally bright in the world of men, his existence speaks of a man indeed blessed the God, one who has dedicated his existence to living right, setting the pace for others to follow in the course of his highly illustrious life.

He adds another year today and we cannot but raise the glasses high to celebrate the wonderful and amazing Olanipekun Adebutu, Managing Director of Fortune Heights Farms Limited, and University of Fortune Heights.

Just like his Father, Chief Kessiton Adebutu, he has created an excellent niche for himself as a big and successful business icon. Well versed with amazing business qualities, a leader among men with a breath-taking leadership qualities which makes him stand aloft among his contemporary. His distinct ability to build from the scratch amazing institution which can stand the test of time and create budding talents is wholly amazing.

A graduate of University of Lagos, also with Master of Business (MBA Finance), he continues to exude an common brilliance, also a philanthropist who has continue to touch lives, making impact across various climes.

We celebrate him as he adds a new year today, as we wish and pray for more men like him on earth, we also pray that the Divine grants him longevity and every good tidings of life.

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