Dr. Christopher Ekiyor is Ijo by birth, growth, actions , accomplishments and purpose. He is a true descendant of Kabowei-Oporozawei Gbaraun. I bet my human integrity and life to his patriotism and dedication to Ijo Movement, Freedom and Heritage. I have known and consistently related, interfaced and assiduously worked with him for the love of Ijo Country for about three decades. He is not perfect, there’s none that is; human but exemplarily patriotic.

The piece by the Ohaneze Ndigbo Scribe has received mixed feelings. The gullible minded and mischief merchants are feasting negative connotations, whilst discern-minders see strength of collaboration, honor-mutuality and conscious recognition in the DR. CHRISTOPHER EKIYOR OFFER before the IjoNation. He is the most known within and outside the Niger Delta of the 4 Presidential Candidates. He was Izon Ebe President, UNIBEN students Union President, IYC National President, Local Government Chairman and State Commissioner in Delta State. He is the most vocal and consistent face on topical regional and national issues amongst the 4 candidates. No wonder, neighboring nationalities are interested and watching shrewdly at THE CHRIS EKIYOR IJO OPTION.

For “ogono sake”, the best nationality services have been rendered nations by actors in their 20s, 30s and 40s earthwide. Ernest Ikoli, Dappa Biriye, Oweikezi, Odondiri, Isaac Boro, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Oronto, Ogoriba, Fumudoh, Fiberesima, Pere Ajuwa, Ghomorai, Dime, Williams, Evah, Douye Diri, Asari, Tompolo, Oboko Bello, Timinimi, V.T. Bamuza, Ekperi and several greats rendered their selfless best within this bracket. DR. CHRISTOPHER EKIYOR IS PRIME FOR THE EXIGENT SELFLESS AND POSSIBLY SACRIFICIAL LEADERSHIP IJO DESERVES IN THESE THREATENING TIMES.

Dr. Chris Ekiyor WOULD NEVER 👎 sacrifice Ijo Sovereignty and Self-determined Sanctity. He would interface and where necessary collaborate with any neighbors whenever the Ijo Strategic Interests and theirs align to minimize surrounding risks and fears. HE WOULD ALWAYS I BET PUT IJO FIRST AT ALL TIMES.

I urge all delegates and influencers to walk THE CHRIS EKIYOR IMPERATIVE. It shall unite, activate , strengthen and elevate the IjoNation.

Omiyenka 🙏.

Kingsley Kemebradigha Kuku (Hon.) Writes from the turbulent waters of Arogbo-Gbaraun, the western border garrison of the IjoNation.

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