Needless Tantrums on Superflux and the Ogun SSG


Òtuńba Oláídé Òshífęsò.

An acrimonious legal fury by a petitioner has become a shameless horror of lies to taint the dignity and the integrity of the Secretary to the Ogun State Government, Mr. Tokunbo Talabi over the recently conducted Ogun State governorship election.

Mr. Tokunbo Talabi is unfairly targeted by the petitioner with arramt nonsense of cheap lies that “baby lawyers” should never present before a competent Tribunal as allegations against an innocent citizen to favour their client.

So spurious are the allegations that Superflux Nigeria Limited, a printing company where Mr. Tokunbo Talabi held sway as a Director but resigned to take up the public appointment since 2019 as the Ogun State SSG; was contracted by Independent National Electoral Commission- INEC to print ballot papers for the recently concluded general elections in Ogun State.

The petitioner claimed that Mr. Tokunbo Talabi and Superflux Nigeria Limited printed excess ballot papers in its printing contract for INEC that they used for illicit votes in favour of the Ogun State incumbent governor and his political party to excel above his rivals at the polls.

The claims of the petitioner turned free radical frivolously state further that Superflux Nigeria Limited that donated N20 million to the Ogun State Government to ameliorate the public sufferings during COVID-19 in line with the principle of Corporate Social Responsibility expected of the private sector operators to support the government’s efforts was mischievously termed as a N20 million undeserved largesse credit that Superfux Nigeria Limited received from the Ogun State Government.

The petitioner suddenly turned white into black in broad daylight to deceive the public with their pompous and reckless erudition. They never stopped mentioning Mr. Tokunbo Talabi, the SSG as if it is now a crime to transit from the private sector purposely to impart one’s life experience to the public as nation building gesture.

The bad blood propaganda in its widespread was aided by some terrible journalists who in their unprofessional conducts did not bother to engage in verification as their ethical standards stipulate from the Directors of Superflux Nigeria Limited and Mr. Tokunbo Talabi to defend the several allegations levelled against them but in their roguish poor sense of judgment jumped into boiling water by publishing the tirade of the one-side false news.

The rogue journalists now are feeling so small and singing like canary birds in the office of the Department of State Security as they are grilled over their unethical standards. One of them has expressly lost his job at The Punch Newspaper

Superflux Nigeria Limited and Mr. Tokunbo Talabi have both refuted the allegations openly that the Independent National Electoral Commission-INEC never contracted either of them to publish ballot papers for the recently concluded general elections in Ogun State.

Furtherance, Mr. Tokunbo Talabi states that he has never been awarded any of the election materials procurement contracts by INEC. Neither did he indulge in illicit voting exercise to favour any of the candidates that contested for public office in the recently concluded general elections in Ogun State.

In the interim, Mr. Tokunbo Talabi should be left off the false hook that the free radicals plan to choke him with. He is a nobleman that resigned from his business to do the public good with his skills. If his detractors found him too hot to handle, perhaps they should strategize to abide by his personal principles to learn from him and desist from tarnishing his image.

Otuńba Oláídé Oshífęsò,
Ex-Executive Chairman of,
Ijębu North Local Government Council

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