Lady Evangelist, Grace Akeredolu: The Exit Of An Enigma


Lady Evangelist, Grace Akeredolu: The Exit Of An Enigma

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The beauty of life is best shown when individuals lived a fulfilled life, when at the twilight of their lives, they can heave a deep, long sigh that they have truly lived a life worthy of being considered blessed.

When they can with all confidence leave with the assurance that they are leaving behind legacies which will for generations to come continue to thrive in all beauty and grandeur.

Such was the tale of the late Lady Evangelist Grace Akeredolu, the mother of the Executive Governor of Ondo State, who left this mortal terrestrial plane on the September 15, 2022 at the age of 90 years.

To all who knew her, her existence was one which blessed others, more importantly, she lived for her family as she ensured that she gave them all the opportunity and the much needed support to thrive among their peers.

For a woman whose husband died 42 years ago, who had to shoulder the responsibility of acting as both the father and the mother to her lovely children, we can say that she has done an excellent job.

Notable among her children is Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.SAN, CON, a shinning light who has shown courage through governance, he has shown the true qualities of Omoluabi, which implies a thoroughly born and bred, and as they say, an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, no doubt, showcases the lifestyle of an individual who was well bred and raised to be a perfect gentleman.

While describing his late mother, in an obviously emotion-laden voice, Akeredolu said: “My late mum was highly favoured and product of unquantified grace of God. She gave birth to seven children and all of them survived her.

“She lived a fulfilled and meaningful life. She is an epitome of the biblical virtuous woman and dutiful wife.

“My mother is a prayer warrior. What I will miss most in her is the intercessory prayers. Anytime you put a call through to her, the response was always ‘let us pray’.

“My late mum detests third-party interference in the private and marital lives of her children.

“My mother died at the right time. Many of you wouldn’t have been here if this incident happened in 2023 and thereafter.

“I thank God for her life. The necessary arrangement is being made to move her corpse to Ondo State for a befitting burial.”

It’s also worthy to note that asides Rotimi Akeredolu, the late Matriarch also gave birth to six other children who have all continued to excel in their chosen careers.

It takes a strong woman to raise a family of seven children alone, giving the success of the Akeredolu’s family, it’s worthy to say that she truly lived a life worthy to be emulated and commended.

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