Iziaq Salako’s Ministerial Nomination: The Emergence of a New Political Order in Ogun State


By Akeem Akilo, Ogun State August 8, 2023

In the realm of politics, change is a constant factor that shapes the trajectory of a nation. The nomination and confirmation of the Aiyetoro-born Medical Doctor and politician, Doc. Iziaq Kunle Salako as a minister from Ogun state by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Nigerian Senate marks the emergence of a new political order in the state, bringing with it promises of progress, inclusivity, and fresh perspectives. This exciting development has captivated the attention of the people and heralds a transformative era for the state’s political landscape.

Doc. Iziaq Kunle Salako, a native of Ayetoro, Yewa North Local government in Ogun West Senatorial District of Ogun State, is a Public Health Physician, astute politician, public analyst, community mobilizer, writer and radio presenter.

An MBBS degree holder from the prestigious University of Lagos and a Master’s in Public Health from the Lagos State University. He is a certified colposcopist and sinologist.

Dr Salako has worked in many institutions including the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Onicha General Hospital, Ebonyi State, St’ Raphel Hospital, Lagos, Mucas Hospital, Lagos and the Lagos State Health Service Commission where he rose to the position of Senior Medical Officer before exiting the organization to pursue other vision.

Due to his community activities and impactful youth mobilization efforts, in 2007 Salako was appointed as a Commissioner in Ogun State. During the period as Commissioner, he served in 3 strategic ministries of Agriculture, Housing and Health.

Iziaq Salako’s nomination and confirmation by the Nigerian Senate as a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has brought a breath of fresh air into the political sphere of our dear state, Ogun State. A seasoned professional, known for his remarkable achievements in both the private and public sectors, Salako represents the epitome of leadership, competence, and integrity. His nomination and confirmation by the Senate signifies a departure from the traditional political structure, emphasizing the importance of meritocracy and the pursuit of excellence.

Iziaq Salako’s nomination is the least expected at this political dispensation. With his nomination by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and finally confirmed as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the jinx of many years of political exclusion of Yewaland has been broken being the first to be nominated for ministerial appointment from the region since the beginning of the Fourth Nigerian Republic and the second from the area since Nigeria officially became a democratic nation. Doc. Iziaq Kunle Salako will work to eliminate the social and economic marginalization of Ogun West and also to complement the ongoing development agenda of the present administration in Ogun state.

The emergence of Iziaq Salako’s nomination challenges the entrenched politicall order that has prevailed in Ogun State for years. It sends a definitive message that the era of favouritism, nepotism, and old-fashioned politics is coming to an end. This new order champions inclusivity, transparency, and accountability, leading to a more functional and responsive government.

Salako’s ministerial nomination acts as a catalyst for transformative change in Ogun State. His background and experience reflect a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the state and the nation as a whole. By focusing on key areas such as economic development, infrastructure, job creation, healthcare, education, and youth empowerment, Salako is poised to drive meaningful progress and uplift the lives of the people.

One of the most significant aspects of this new political order is Salako’s commitment to youth engagement. He has a very good relationship with the youths across the 3 senatorial districts of the state. He has mentored and provided platforms for their voices to be heard in various fora. By this new order, Doc. Salako will harness the potential and energy of the youth by fostering innovation, creativity, and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit within Ogun State.

The emergence of this new political order underscores the importance of collaboration and unity. Salako recognizes that achieving lasting progress requires working across party lines, engaging stakeholders, and fostering a spirit of unity among the diverse communities in Ogun State. By promoting inclusivity and fostering a sense of belonging, Salako will bridge the gaps that have hindered the political progression of younger people in the past, creating an environment that fosters mutual understanding and collective growth.

Conclusively, the ministerial of Iziaq Salako represents the dawning of a new era in the state’s political landscape. It signifies a departure from the old ways of doing things, embracing meritocracy, inclusivity, and progress. Salako’s vision for a better and more prosperous Ogun State is founded on collaboration, youth engagement, and transformative policies. As he takes up the mantle of leadership, the people of Ogun State hold great hope for the emergence of a new political order that will drive sustainable development and improve the quality of life for all its citizens.

Comrade Akeem Temitope Akilo
Oru Ijebu, INLG,
Ogun East Senatorial District.
akiloakeem@gmail. com

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