I will Return Governance back to the People- Hon. Okeyomi


Candidate under the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Hon. Oladipupo Babatunde Gabriel Okeyomi who is contesting for the Chairmanship position of Ojokoro LCDA has assured his people of his readiness to return governance back to his people if elected as the Chairman of the LCDA.

This he revealed during an interview with newsmen in Lagos where he reaffirmed his optimism at emerging winner in the fast approaching Chairmanship position of Ojokoro LCDA.

According to him, the people of Ojokoro has been marginalized over the years as they have been kicked out of Governance by the people who had led them in time past.

He further explained that if elected, he will ensure that the people of Ojokoro LCDA are well and actively involved in important decision making process.

He also made known his intentions for the LCDA if elected, according to him, there are plans on ground to bring in Foreign Private Investors who are ready to invest in the LCDA, an investment which he considered long-term and would go a long way in positively boosting the socio-economic realities of the people.

Assuring the people of his good intentions for the LCDA, he explained that he is from a humble background and this has greatly influenced his general overview of life, in his words,” I came from a very humble background and I know what it means to be poor, hence I value people and their shared struggle, it’s my desire to make life easier and better for them”

According to him,his humble beginning had inspired him to start his scholarship and empowerment initiative over 10 years ago through which he get to help and assist the less privileged in the society

He also shed more light on his inability to clinch the Chairman position after 3 attempt, Hon. Okeyomi who is also known as, “Carry Go” explained that during his last attempt, he had won the Party Primary and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu had given him his blessings, however the politics played by the former Governor of Lagos State, Dr. Ambode had thwarted his plans.

He however expressed certainty that he will emerge victorious in the forthcoming election, he also added that he is not buoyed by the thought of having the acting Chairman of Ojokoro LCDA as a fellow contestant.

According to him,” I believe this is my time, I am prepared for this and the people have given their support and blessings”

Hon. Okeyomi also gave his opinion about the security state of the Nation, according to him it’s high time Nigerians not only become more sensitive of what’s going on around them but to also cooperate with the government in fishing out the unscrupulous elements and perpetrators of evil among them.

He explained that without the cooperation of the people, the government will not make any meaningful success in curbing the high rate of insecurity which has plagued the nation.

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    Can you also present evidence that you won the primaries?

    Did you contest the election with the former Governor, Ambode?

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