Group Condemns Hon. Abiodun Faleke Attempt go Impose his Preferred Candidates


The Lagos Conscious Alliance Forum has decried the attempt by Hon. James Abiodun Faleke, Member House of Representatives, Ikeja Federal Constituency, Lagos State to impose on the LCDA his Preferred Candidates

According to a viral video which has been shared on various online platforms, the lawmaker was seen with his supporters making plans and resolution to unfailingly ensure the installation of a certain Mrs Kafayat as the next Chairman of the LCDA while Mr. Kayode Olubunmi will be installed as the Deputy Chairman.

The group in a press release made available by its Coordinator, Comrade Ibrahim Ajewole stated that the recent move by the lawmaker to impose his long time girlfriend against the will of the people is a complete violation of the tenet of a pure democratic process.

According to him, ” Hon. Faleke and his cohorts have continued to demonstrate a high level of high-handedness and recklessness, one which is not expected from a public figure like him”

Comrade Ibrahim stated that the group is committed to ensuring that the beauty of democratic is protected and that the will of the people is preserved at all cost.

The group also berated Hon. Faleke for his dismay and disappointing leadership qualities and antecedents, in the words of its Coordinator,” Hon. Faleke is a failure not only to his native Kogi State but also to us in Lagos and he is not fit to be a leader in any constituency”

“Faleke Should not be seen on the platform of any political party as he is a disgrace to all and sunder” he added.

Comrade Ibrahim also stated that the people of Ikeja LCDA deserves better representation and not men like Hon. Faleke whose actions they described as, “cancerous” and”disappointing”

It’s also stated that the buses donated by the lawmaker to certain members of the LCDA has been collected back by the lawmaker

The group also enjoined the members of the LCDA to be wary of the lawmaker as his attempt to impose his preferred candidate for the post of the LCDA chairman indicates an ulterior intention of the lawmaker to advance his personal political glorification.

They also enjoined Hon. Faleke to desist from his cancerous activities as they will not be a party to his nefarious acts which they describe as manipulative and deceitful.

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