Estate Mogul, Alex Kehinde Bankole, commemorates birth in grand style


Estate Mogul, Alex Kehinde Bankole, commemorates birth in grand style

By TRIANGLE News Media

In seasons like this, when a sterling, darling estate developer and accomplished builders, Alex Kehinde Bankole, who has delivered professional distinctions to all manner of men, remembers her birth, like a lion in the jungle, several other subjects, perforce, honour him.

Bankole is the brain behind the magical construction company by the name KAB Construction, a veteran who has handled handsome projects locally and internationally, doing businesses with private individuals, corporate organisations, and state governments across Nigeria, who

His love for real estate is second to none, and borne out of the fact that he has a spur that the country should be developed structurally and infrastructurally. After all, the developed countries we all rush to made the difference particularly with infrastructure. For him, if Nigeria is able to put infrastructure in place, it would be a better place to live. He would contend that Nigeria has the best weather, efficient manpower, and Nigerians are hardworking have made indelible marks, stands out.

Mr. Bankole handles 70 percent of Lekki Gardens project. He’s been in the business over a decade and doing wonderfully; started his career with Oceanic Bank as a Corps member. He resigned after working with them up to 2010, after which he started a construction firm, Dexcole Construction Company, which, after dumbfounding successes, he re-branded to KAB Construction Company.

His company, Dexcole, which was speedily
getting bigger and stronger has risen to a rare height, such that the company had to rebrand, which actually gave birth to KAB Construction. Yet, it’s making the desired change in infrastructure and also bringing to reality the developmental changes everybody wants to see. KAB Construction has handled many federal projects, taken over so many roads, and built some roads. Bankole has won unusual awards for darling his dexterity, making him a profound prince of his profession.

Alex Kehinde Bankole was born on November 27th, 1983. He hails from Ekan Meje in Oke ero Local government Area, Kwara State; He was born into the family of Otunba James Bankole of Oke Ilegun compound. His father was a business man and his mother was also a business woman in the automobile sector. He had his primary education at Lantana Nursery and Primary School, Gbagada in Lagos State and his secondary education at Oro Grammar School, Kwara State. The young and brilliant man Bankole studied Architecture at Polytechnic before he moved to the University of Ilorin. He has built for state governments, handled many school projects, both secondary and tertiary institutions.

KAB Construction Company has handled are Globacom office, Ghana. Back home, they have developed for Osun State government, built for Oyo State government and in Lagos; Mr. Biggs outlet in Osun, worked for MTN in Lagos State, MTN in Osun State; done some projects for Globalcom in Oyo State, projects for Olabisi Onabanjo University, (Ogun State), project for Federal University, Oye (Ekiti State), Federal University Akure and so many private secondary schools in Lagos. And also did construction works for individuals too. It’s one of the leading contractors at Lekki Gardens, leading real estate player in Nigeria, even in Africa.

A man who has risen from a humble background to the peak of his profession and has achieved so much sheen and successes sure deserves to be heralded to for what he stands for. As he adds another one in this reason, we join his enthusiasts and associates all over the world to congratulate this distinguished Nigerian professional on his birthday and wishing him farther fulfilments.

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