The passion for politics, more than inbuilt, is inborn.
The vigour for profound leadership is instilled
carefully early at the formative, rooted and germinated, honed and polished, it has travelled sturdily with its aromatic sheen on Pius through the bends and ends.

Here is a man whose enduring sickness with the lopsided socio-political clime where nature seed him has made him to fight the unjust in whatever portrait, however obscure or obvious. His is an untiring fighter of repression, stagnation and corruption. He is a distinguished progressive and a polished welfarist too. Osunyikanmi‘s political cum ideological contents are the type required to turn around a sickly polity. Pius’ makes a legendary model, an aromatic voyage for growing men with the penchant for difference; a fella who had it rough through the rungs but whose well-spelt ends have driven to consequence; standing irrepressibly up on the inside, even when he seemed knocked down on the outside. He’s never knocked out!

Dr.Osunyikanmi believes that the county Nigeria is lavishly blessed, and that the ample resources should be maximized and utilized for the socio-economic health of all citizens irrespective of the social rung to which the individual belong. His campaign against corruption, both in the public and private sectors is a public knowledge, a crusade which he champions across the country’s geographical bends, irrespective of whose ox is gored. But for the corrupt practices which have crippled the political system of the county for about three decades now, the socioeconomic prosperity of the country Nigeria would not be the dream that it’s by now. But for the same sin of political corruption, the army of destitute, impoverished, homeless, hopeless, jobless Nigerian citizens would have been healed of these inhuman conditions. These unhealthy socio-economic living situations are Osunyikanmi’spersistent headaches, for which he strives to correct as a political leader.

Pius has continued to constructively criticise lazy leaders. He is one famed crier for the way it should be. He believes that a leader lacking in political steel-will to effect corrections where and when such need requires has no business in politics. He frowns at the ideological ineptitude of politicians and political parties. He holds that the best political leaders are those who lose sleep over the agonies of the ordinary people.

A detribalized Nigerian, Pius is a sturdy patriot who believes in the equality of all Nigerians, and the ranking sameness for all her ethnic nations in the federation. He frowns at discrimination on the ground of sex, religion, race, education or economic status. He sermons the training and education of the girl child, and a fair share to the womenfolk in appointive and elective positions. He, a humble Nigerian from the Yoruba ethnic population of the West of Nigeria, respects as he honours Nigerians of other ethnic groups, and esteems every Nigerian irrespective the class to which he belongs.

Osunyikanmi do not subscribe to the political style of electing persons without the requisite preparations into the public offices. He believes that leadership should not be given accidentally. In his view, leadership culture and teachings should be injected into the schools’ curricula, such that the young Nigerian, right from the beginner’s class would have been thoroughly exposed to and learned in leadership expectations and responsibilities, as opposed to the current experience in this clime.

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