Sometimes in the month of June of 2022, in my capacity as a Nigerian and as Advocatus Regni, during the heated period preceeding the primary elections of the ruling APC at the time, I had cause to write a SECRET Memo to the Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari, GCFR being the topmost leader of the ruling party and other party leaders in line with their Constitution to warn of the dangers inherent in fielding certain members of that party who were jostling to become the party’s presidential flagbearer at the time.

I recall that according to the findings of the EMA, a not-for-profit Organisation, of which I am the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the time, we did discover that only very few of the then 25 aspirants could cross the hurdles of the many Constitutional requirements. We specifically made mention of two of the Presidential hopefuls, whose Nomination Forms specifically revealed a prima face claim that they had dual citizenship.

Some we also discovered were encumbered by allegations of criminal convictions and other sundry financial and other malfeasance. I certainly do not recall that any other name was mentioned in the rank of those carrying dual citizenship beyond the two names mentioned in the SECRET Memo.

I wish to state that though I have had cause to be sympatico to the causes of a few persons within their ranks at one time or another, I am not a member of the APC, and have never been.

Though my interest in the politics of Nigeria never waned, I wish to affirm that since I resigned my appointment as Secretary of the Labour Party in 2015, I have actively refrained from being a card-carrying member of any political party.

I am a lawyer, a thoroughbred professional. I have rendered, I am still rendering and will continue to render my legal services to virtually all the political parties, PDP, APC, LP, SDP and others including INEC as the circumstances demand.

I also wish to affirm my Constitutional and professional rght to write a memo, secret or otherwise, to any Nigerian President or leader on any issue of interest.

I wish to request that those who wish to rely on my Secret Memo under reference(which was sadly leaked to the Press by some unknown elements at the time) as their “Magna Carta” should first avail themselves of a copy of the same before they expose themselves to possible damning legal consequences.

The letter is self explanatory. It is clear and unambiguous and barring the intent for mischief, can therefore not be fairly subject to any other interpretation except such as was clearly stated on the face thereof.

Finally, I would urge that same not be quoted out of context to promote some people’s political agenda and interest.

Thank you,

20th Day of April, 2023

Dr Olukayode Ajulo, FCIArb. UK
Castle of Law, London.

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