City Scoop’s Publication on Ex-Queen of Ooni is Concocted


City Scoop’s Publication on Ex-Queen of Ooni is Concocted

A recent publication by a struggling online magazine, City Scoop on the former Queen of Ooni of Ife, Naomi Silekunola has been confirmed to be a concocted story.

The magazine had falsely published a story that a Lagos based Ekiti born billionaire was behind the recent lavish lifestyle of former Queen Naomi Silekunola. In the false publication, picture of a career civil servant in Ondo State was used in place of the imaginary billionaire.

According to the civil servant whose picture and that of former Queen Naomi was used in the fake publication, he said that the picture in question was taken in the month of May 2022. He added that the picture was taken when the Queen and her entourage visited the Mother and Child Hospital in Akure to distribute gift items to mothers and newly born children.

The visibly angry civil servant further said that he was merely mandated to represent the Chief Medical Director of Akure Mother and Child Hospital who was unavoidably absent when the Queen and her entourage visited.

Meanwhile, a cursory read of the City Scoop’s publication has given the story away as completely fake and concocted. Aside the typographical errors, the story is also replete with grammatical errors. More so, the false publication is likewise built on hearsays and imaginary individuals
for the sole purpose of bringing the struggling online magazine to a level of illusive wide read.

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