I wish to congratulate all the good people of Akure North and South Federal Constituency and Christians across the globe on the joyous celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.
This season is so significant and unique to mankind; it demonstrates the unfailing love of God towards humanity who freely gave us his only begotten son as a lamb of sacrifice for redemption of sin and to reconcile man with God.

I am elated with the unflinching support that I have received from the good people of my constituency since my inauguration as a member of the 9th National Assembly. You have shown unwavering commitments which will enable me to adequately represent you. I am grateful for all the useful advice, proposals, calls and suggestions that will help move our constituency forward.

I wish to specially appreciate all the Traditional Rulers, the Olus and Baales, the Senior High Chiefs, Chiefs and female Chiefs in Akure North and South for their support and prayers. I pray that you will live long on the throne of your forebears in health and wealth.

I want to sincerely appreciate all the religious leaders for their prayers, I can feel the effect of your effectual fervent prayers which had really availed much. I urge you not to be weary in your prayers and supplications for me and our constituency. I assure you that I will carry out the representation of our people with the fear of God.

I am highly indebted to all our party elders, leaders and members for their steadfastness and doggedness in standing by me and the party through thick and thin.

Let me reassure you that I will not take your loyalty and support for granted.

Let me further encourage you to remain committed, dedicated, unwavering and unmovable more than ever before as we prepare for the great task of emancipation before us. We must not be perturbed by any form of politicking and political gimmicks from the other side, we must be wary of fifth columnists and political jobbers who may want us to be at dagger against each other. The vision that we pursue is for an appointed time and it will surely come in no distant time.

I want to give kudos to the Iyalajes and Iyalojas, civil servants, youths, students and all residents of our dear constituency for standing firm with great expectations for a better and quality representation. You have been my strength and inspiration. I remain committed to my words that I will not let you down in this onerous tasks aimed at improving the standard of life of our people.

There is no gainsaying that this outgoing year is pervaded with amalgams of challenges and seemingly insurmountable difficulties. Despite all these uncertainties, I have been able to set the foundation for people’s oriented representation that will rekindle our hope of a better tomorrow.

A well structured plan and programme is being put together for our people to give them a new lease of life. I am committed to the social contract of empowering our people and make them self-sustained through our various intervention and developmental programmes that will be unveiled soon.

I shall do this in a pragmatic way devoid of any form of sentiments and bias. There are plans underway to engage our youths in skills acquisitions especially in ICT, agriculture and other areas of national and international need. our women and the aged will not be left out in the plan.

With all sense of modesty and responsibility, I am optimistic that better and greater things await us in the year 2020.

I therefore, urge you to be imperturbable as I unveil these programmes in few months and to also deliver the dividends of democracy and my electoral promises to our people.

I am confident that the journey to greatness had started, the train had leave the terminus and the destination is success.

On the other hand, I want to wholeheartedly apologize to all those who I might have offended in recent time either directly through my actions and inability to pick calls or any other means.

I seek your understanding at this time and wish to state that such actions are not deliberate. We are already working on modalities to make frequent interactions, discussions and feedback much easier.

Above all, I solicit your support through prayers and feedbacks so that we can build a more prosperous constituency of our dream.

I pray that the good Lord will be with you all, guide and protect you throughout this year and years to come.

May the season of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ bring you glad tidings, grace and peace as we look forward to an eventful new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

Hon. Adedayo Omolafe (Expensive)
MHR, Akure North and South Federal Constituency and Vice Chairman, House Committee on Poverty Alleviation.

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