Call on Ayu’s Resignation: SouthWest Forum of PDP Stakeholders for Justice reiterates support for Makinde, Wike, others.


We,the above-named Forum of the Party, wish to affirm our support for the position being canvassed by Governor Seyi Makinde, corroborated by the doggedness of the ‘Wikes’ and the wisdom of the ‘Bode Georges’, as a lasting panacea for peace and eventual victory of our party at the 2023 Presidential election.

We wish to justify our position on the following premise:

Assuming Dr. Ayu in his own wisdom, genuinely chose and believed in the emergence of a Northern Presidential Candidate for the PDP and went further to acknowledge His Excellency, Governor Tambuwal as the Hero of Democracy following his withdrawal from the Presidential race to pave way for HE Atiku Abubakar at the Party’s national convention, it is our take, that Dr Ayu should indeed go further to logically and wisely conclude the process that would guarantee the emergence of His Excellency Atiku Abubakar as the next president of Nigeria by making other possible sacrifices necessary to achieve that goal.

Indeed, this is why and when Dr. Ayu himself will be more celebrated as PDP’s Hero of Democracy rather than clogging the Party’s wheel of Progress and creating avoidable crisis for the Party

We will not forget to Admonish our Candidate, the next president of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to be wary of the ill and reactionary advice of some traditional moles, who are insistent on offering opinions capable of jeopardizing the chance God has opened for the PDP in the emerging dispensation.

Nigerians are indeed awaiting the PDP as the actual potent alternative government, and God forbids, if this opportunity skips us, Nigerians may never again associate with the PDP.

We call for immediate restoration of sanity,confidence, inclusiveness and oneness in the Party as a stitch in time saves nine.


Hon. Banji Okunomo ( Former Ondo PDP Publicity Secretary)

Barrister Gani Taofeek ( Former Lagos PDP Publicity Secretary ).

For Themselves and on behalf of Forum.

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