2023: Peter Obi and the Unstoppable Obi-dients Movement


Members of the ruling All Progressives Congress and Peoples Democratic Party are wary of the Labour Party in the current political climate.

Since Peter Obi became the Labour Party’s presidential candidate a few months ago, the party has been gaining support from people all over the 36 States of the Federation.

And while members of the APC and PDP have continued to struggle to generate much needed support for their candidates without public condemnation, Peter Obi, through the OBIdients Movement, has continued to soar.

With an ever increasing number of its followers, the energy expended by apologists of the PDP and the APC to soil the person of Peter Obi seems like one which has continued to backfire.

The OBIdients Movement has continued to own the narrative and the name Peter Obi has been transformed into a brand, a symbol of socio-political liberation from usual.

It’s evident that they can’t do anything against the Peter Obi movement as it has become a people-pushed and owned movement.

It is one built on the consciousness of the common people, who are the majority, to seek a better reality for them and the generations to come.

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