BTO Influence In APC Victory Across Ondo North
By Femi Salako


BTO Influence In APC Victory Across Ondo North

By Femi Salako

Official election results for Akoko North East/North West federal constituency and that of Ondo North senatorial district of Ondo State have since been released by the independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Elatedly, Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo
has broken the record of unwritten rotational agreement with his emphatic re-election for another term with unprecedented 51,539 votes. Mathematically, this translated to 84.5% of the total valid votes cast in the election.

The legendary King Sunny Ade once sang that noble birth cannot be bought with money. The living legend also added in the musical track that being given a noble birth is also not as important as making conscious individual efforts at self rebirth. Of a truth, Tunji-Ojo was undoubtedly given a noble birth and he has also given himself a conscious rebirth.

It is worthy of note that unprecedented and unmatched performance of BTO in his constituency made it possible for the pride of Akoko to courageously defy and brave odds placed on the way of his political growth.
Interestingly, the gentleman has therefore been handsomely rewarded by the constituents of Akoko North East/North West constituency for his excellent performance.

It is also very instructive that the excellent performance and acceptability of Tunji-Ojo largely influenced the outcome of the presidential and senatorial elections in the entire Akoko land.
The overwhelming victory of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Pastor Jide Ipinsagba in Akoko North East /North West federal constituency cannot be divorced from the factor and influence of Tunji-Ojo.

As things stand today in Akoko North East /North West federal constituency and the entire Akoko land, Tunji-Ojo now commands a cult-like followers. The people of Akoko also perceive BTO as a political demigod whom they love
genuinely and religiously act on his instructions.

Notwithstanding the undeniable popularity and acceptability of Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo in his constituency, electorates of the area also deserve high level of commendation for rewarding the outstanding performance of their son with large number of votes. The constituents of Akoko North East/North West are also deserving of commendation for their ability to recognize great and excellent values that are inherent in Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo.

Without doubt, BTO has proven himself as a worthy representative of his people and Akoko land in general. It is on record that the developmental projects and life transforming projects so far influenced and executed by Tunji-ojo can be clearly seen in all parts of Akoko land.

The good and lucky people of
Akoko North East /North West federal constituency can only look forward to another four years of
highly impacting representation. Also assured in the second term of Tunji-Ojo is maximal delivery of democratic dividends to his constituents.

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