First and foremost, we, the concerned members of APC in Akure North Local Government want to congratulate our respective candidates who were victorious in the last elections and also felicitate with all our party members  in Akure North who worked tiredlessly and left no stone unturned to ensure the victory of our Party.

Of recent, Akure North has become a flash point of political misadventure by some individuals who now see themselves as leaders because of non-cordial relationship between the governor and our leader – Senator Donald Omotayo Alasoadura. We deem it important to draw the attention of the Party and the general public to the nefarious activities of the charlatans masquerading as political leaders in Akure North.

It is imperative to note that the crisis is being conceived, planned and executed by some mischievous, ill-advised and misguided elements who are desperate for leadership. We the concerned citizens and loyal members of our party have noted with dismay,utter disappointment and embarrassment that our innocent and loyal party members have been subjected to ignominious treatments in their various wards by these mischievous perpetrators of evil and political rascality who call themselves leaders.

One of the devilish tactics of these people is the fact that they have resulted to intimidation of many of the loyal members of our party by accusing them of ANTI PARTY ACTIVITIES during the immediate past elections despite the fact that most of them lost their polling units in their respective domains in the said elections.

These political sycophants also engage in cheap blackmail against APC loyalists by inviting them for questioning under the quise of reviewing their activities during the recently concluded elections.

We therefore wish to inform the leadership of our dear party both at Local Government and State levels that the cynical and contemptuous objective  of these warlords and political rascals masquerading as leaders in Akure North is to disenfranchise our excos  and party members from exercising their legitimate rights by participating and voting in the upcoming Local Government Election.

At this junction,we want to make it crystal-clear to them that all our interested aspirants will contest for councillorship and chairmanship positions in the upcoming elections in order to exercise their rights to vote and be voted for .

We also observed that part of the reasons for the activities of this Machiavellian group is aimed at working against the interest of one of our industrious sons and political leaders of repute who worked tirelessly with the creme-de-la-creme:of Ondo State politics to ensure the victory of our candidates especially Sen Ahmed Bola Tinubu in the recently concluded elections.These leaders of repute worked with their personal resources for the success of our party.The evil mechanization of the group is a ploy to prevent him from securing a position with the incoming Federal Administration.

If they refuse to go the route of integrity and honour ,we will not hesitate to open the can of worms and   remind them of all their anti party activities during the 2019 National Assembly elections where they worked against the interest of APC.

We therefore appeal to our party leaders in the state to call , question and caution this mischievous group and remind them that power is transient .We want this intimidation and harassment of our innocent APC members to stop immediately.


1) Dr Abiodun Faleye MHA representing Akure North

2) Hon Segun Oluyede Former Chairman Akure North Local Government Council

3) Hon Abass Fagbemi Former OSOMPADEC Commissioner.

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