Akure South 2023: Why Hon.Olajide Johnson Oguntodu is the best candidate


If there’s anything the current political dispensation has taught many Nigerians, it is that the people who are more politically woke and conscious have chosen create a new template to electing candidates for various electives roles.

Against the past dispensation when they elect based on affinities to certain structures like ethnicity, political parties, the current behavioral pattern of the electorates have shown a community of people who are ready to vote individuals based on their capacity to deliver.

We have seen the emergence of an era when people are beginning to take more cognizance of the merit and quality over every other factors.

The recent election in Osun State was a big testament to this fact, as it was meant to be, power has found its way back to the hands of the common people.

For the people of Akure South Constituency, Hon. Olajide Johnson Oguntodu stands before the people as a candidate who can be trusted to deliver the much desired dividends of democracy.

He comes with an air of merit, a deep and clean trajectory which tells the story of a thorough bred, one who has all it takes to deliver quality representation to the people.

He is not inspired by the need to pursue personal glories, he is more concerned about the welfare of his people. His priorities are entrenched on the need to harness the available resources of the people, using these commonwealth for the greater good of all.

Nothing is more beautiful when the people have an elected Lawmaker who they can always depend on to do their bidding.

To the current political dispensation, he stands with a beacon of light, an icon of excellence and an embodiment of sheer brilliance.

A vote for him is one for the future, amongst other candidates fielded by other political parties, his persons speaks of substances and values needed by the people.

He is a role model to those who believe that hardwork, perseverance and merit are commendable virtues.

He exemplifies that the only veritable panacea to success & dignified means of livelihood is honesty.

His societal status is very impressive likewise his brilliance, degrees, experience, oration, courage, modesty, discipline, friendliness, godlinessness, integrity, generosity.

Oguntodu is also a staunch party loyalist who has continued to be a strong supporter and top contributor to the rising status of the party in the State and Nation at large.

His credentials and antecedents as an technocrat remains unquestionable, his amiable qualities which endears majority to him stands tall and unique while his status as a true progressive and party loyalist can be attested by all.

It is safe to say with all confidence that a vote given to Hon. Olajide Johnson Oguntodu at the polls is a vote for sustainability, it is one for the overall good and development of the Constituency.

Akure South Constituency has all it takes to grow, except the right leadership and this is what he offers to the people.

Even as we hope for a better reality, it’s high time we put men who are up to the task to lead us into this era. Hon. Olajide Johnson Oguntodu has all it takes to deliver, grow and sustain Akure South come 2023.

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