APC Bayelsa calls for removal of Ndiomu


The Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Bayelsa State Chapter, Hon. Jonah T. Abeki, has called for the termination of the appointment of Major. Gen. T.B Ndiomu as the interim administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Program.

This was made made known through a press statement signed by Hon. Abeki, on Wednesday.

According to him, the Party in the State are demanding for the removal of Ndiomu over his conspicuous involvement in anti-party activities has caused major involvement in anti-party activities.

They stated that his continual anti-party activities has also caused major drawbacks for the party in tbe state to record desirable impact in the forthcoming general elections

“Firstly, there are clear indications that from the inception of his appointment, Mr. Ndiomu has neither identified himself with the party at all levels, nor partake in any activity organize by the party. This is a sufficient ground to validate the veracity of our claim that he is not a member of the APC.

“Secondly, it beats the imagination of all sane and discerning minds that all the appointments made by Ndiomu within the national agency were drawn from outside our party. In other words, all the actions taken are at the detriment of loyalty party members, which serves as a recipe for expression of disenchantment and attendant resentment.

“Thirdly, the said new Interim Administrator is the sole sponsor for his younger sister, Mrs Ebizi Brown Ndiomu, who is the flag bearer of PDP in SALGA constituency 3 for the Bayelsa State House of Assembly elections. In several fora, the said Ndiomu, will openly mobilize the electorates to support the sister, having provided the needed resources to facilitate her campaigns.

“Fourthly, as a retired general, in the recent past, he had always made use of his military influence during elections to either give counter directives or prevent the security personnel from discharging their statutory functions. We wish to draw your attention to the unfortunate incidence that took place in the 2019 general elections, when, he, with impunity, singlehandedly submitted the result of Southern Ijaw LGA, which was fraught with irregularities – all at the detriment of the APC. It is, therefore, logical to extrapolate that if urgent measures are not taken to forestall and nip in the bud a repeat of such sordid actions, what transpired in the 2019 general elections will be a tip of the iceberg, given his present status as a retired general and an Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty programme.” The statement partly reads.

The group hereby call on the National Chairman of the President, Muhammadu Buhari, All Progressives Congress, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, the presidential candidate of the APC, Senator Bola Tinubu, Secretary to the Federal Government, Boss Mustapha, to terminate the appointment of Major Gen. T.B. Ndiomu as the interim administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Program.

Cc @ The president, Muhammad Buhari.

@All Progressives Congress, Senator Abdullahi Adamu

@ The presidential candidate of the APC, Senator Bola Tinubu

@ The Secretary to the Federal Government, Boss Mustapha.

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