Dr Doyin Okupe is a proven transparent and honest resource manager. Regardless of what anyone thinks of him, he symbolizes the better angels residing within us. We can’t run away from the truth if we are sincere in our passion for a new Nigeria.

Though, he is out of office as the DG, Obi/Datti Presidential campaign council, he remains a man whose emotional/social intelligence shines through admirably.
He brought positive energy and productivity to the presidential campaign structure of Mr Peter Obi.

The recent failed attempt by the EFCC to detain him after his arrest by the DSS was not unconnected to the federal high court judgement that sentenced him to two years imprisonment over money laundering. It is on good authority that the EFCC failed to detain him because there was a breach in communication between the EFCC and the evil schemers. The failed illegal arrest was designed to silence him until after next month’s presidential election. It’s rather very unfortunate that the EFCC is being misled by greedy and dishonest individuals within the walls of Labour Party who were disappointed over his release by the federal high court.

All thanks to responsible Nigerians who took to their social media platforms to protest over the illegal arrest.

Throughout the periods of the sustained vicious hate, slander, ferocious insults, downright dehumanizing hates and facts lacking accusations against him by members of the Labor party, Okupe stood tall, undistracted and didn’t loose his cool.
Okupe is not easily rattled. He is a man not distracted by circumstances.
He is a role model to would be leaders.

But, why are they not satisfied with him stepping aside as the DG? Is there something funny going that fear Okupe may spill?

Since he left the presidential campaign office as the DG, mobilization and funding of support groups have suffered a devastating setback. Who is embezzling the funds meant for support groups? The support groups are the only structure Peter Obi has, they are the ones with the grassroots reach in the area of sensitization and mobilization, yet they are being neglected. These various support groups have executed possible tasks, exploited difficult terrains at the risk of their resources and safety.
Rallies are good, but don’t win elections. The Labor party doesn’t have the required political structure to win next month’s presidential election, it is the support groups that will do that.

Okupe brought enthusiasm, exuberance and optimism to the support groups with his constant appeal and encouragements. He held several productive meetings with the Conveners of various support groups that the resolutions are yet to be implemented.

But, some disgruntled and selfish greedy elements within the campaign organization structure felt Okupe is a roadblock that must be removed if they must successfully steal campaign funds.

Okupe is filled with nothing but love, passion and compassion and there is no mortal man that can quench his grace.
Days have rolled by without Dr Okupe at the presidential campaign office and everything seems not to be well.
It’s time Peter Obi looked into the presidential campaign structure and do the needful.
Okupe is a man that will not diminish in value, his haters can try new methods of bringing him into disrepute.
But, the more their feeble attempts, the more he rises above their reach for God is with him.

Meche Oswald

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