Akure South 2023: Ileola Benedict Adegoroye, the Man on a Mission


It’s popularly said, God rules in the affairs of men, however while we cannot deny the place of the Divine in the human orchestrations, the celestial would never come down to herald a state of utopia.

The task of advancing mankind would and can only be done by humans themselves and this is why it is important that in our respective communities, we identify and give opportunities to men after God’s own heart, men who have given themselves to serve the will of the divine on earth, men who have equipped themselves with the much needed values to advance humanity.

Prince Ileola Benedict Adegoroye comes with a mission in Akure South Constituency 1 to push a new narrative, he presents himself a viable, trusted and tested candidate to productively harness the Commonwealth of the people for an holistic development and growth of the Constituency.

The candidate who is contesting the Akure South Constituency 1 election on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) aims to bring into politics, a new dimension of leadership which will birth a new era of socio-economic cum political growth and liberation.

The CEO of Mathilad Nigeria company who also doubles as the Founder and President of the Positive Attitude Empowerment Initiative comes with a trajectory which bears his outstanding records.

He comes with a fresh idea geared to using legislative tools to changing the fortune of the people for the better.

For so long,the people have yearned for a progressive change, a representation which would not only give power back to them but one which will ensure that their voices are heard, one which will ensure that the dividends of democracy across all sectors are delivered to them.

The true son of the soil holds amiable qualities which endears majority to him, popularly known as “IBA Olorun” he represents a new vibrant generation of individuals who are ready to take the bull by the horn and do all it takes to effect the much needed change for the people of the Constituency.

If there’s anyone that the people can trust, it is Prince Ileola Benedict Adegoroye, the people are ready for a change, a positive one, it is high time they set aside sentiments to elect a suitable and worthy candidate for the role.

With the and support of the people, if elected the represent the good people of Akure South Constituency 1 at the Ondo State House Of Assembly, then the people can go to bed confidently that they have a man after God’s heart, a man after their heart who will always do the needful to advancing their cause.

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