Akogun bows out unblemished


Life is tenured. It is an incontrovertible fact that for everything that has a beginning, there is surely an end.
Today, an imminent end has come to my parliamentary engagements as a representative of my people in the Ondo state House of Assembly.

Given the enormous trust reposed in me by the plurality of votes of the majority of my people in 2019, I got a worthy trust to seek the good of Oka people in AKoko South West constituency 1.
It was a great time that confered the magnitude of their honour and the huge respect they had lovingly given me.
Aware of this, I didn’t waste time to put every ounce of my energy to work to ensure that I defend their interest everyday in my four years of representation.

ISE OLUWA,a code name for my political representation took off on a good footing by bringing in a Menstrual Health activist and the founder Breakingthesilence Urmila Chanam,and we embarked on sensitization and awareness on menstrual hygiene across the Four Local Government in Akoko.We influenced the youth population in our area through sports development focusing on Football by taking higher height the Akogun Annual Football Competition which we started two years earlier.This was done purposely to recalibrate their minds and thinking towards positive activities and ensuring the showcase of their talents especially with the round leather game..We invested hugely in sports development and every constituents looked up to our activities. I reckon that sports development will eradicate crime if our youths are properly engaged.

Since representation is about advocacy through sponsorship and facilitation of life changing programs,we promoted adult literacy by sponsoring adult literacy centres,facilitated the construction of few boreholes through RUWASA,human capital development and empowerment programs,facilitation of numbers job opportunities for constituent members in relevant agencies of government and private firms,providing support for artisans and farmers,donation of operational vehicles for youth’s body and teacher’s union to aid their mobility, providing incentives and palliatives for constituents,mobilizing support for students etc.All these and more were done to sacrificially affect my people positively despite paucity of funds.

As the spokesman of the Ondo state House of Assembly, I had the singular honour to speak on behalf of the remaining 25 members of the House and such position was used to the advantage of advancing quality representation in our state constituency and Ondo state in general.

While it is not possible to be without flaws,I take every critical part of my political engagements as great lessons for future endeavors. I am not a man that pretends about my flaws but I do not whine about them. I look forward to a greater future where God and providence will enable me better the lots of my people as I have always done.

It is time to end this phase for a rebirth. I am thankful to God for the enablement.

I thank all the traditional leaders,quarters chiefs and all religious Leaders in my constituency. I have made my marks.I have done my best and our footprints are indelible.

To God Be the Glory.

Akogun Olugbenga Omole.
Immediate Past Lawmaker Akoko South West 1.

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