Aketi’s indelible Marks on Infrastructure By Hon.Kolawole Babatunde


Aketi’s indelible Marks on Infrastructure

By Hon.Kolawole

In both words and actions, the governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu, has done to well in improving on the welfare of the people of Ondo State. From education to infrastructure, health, Agriculture and even the economy too. His works continue to atrract commendations from here and there.

Akeredolu has scored many goals. In infrastructure, for instrance, the governor has ensured that quality assurance and effective cost management are not compromised. While it is a given that whatever it is in the hands of the media is as good as being in the public, the government has not at any time deny the ondo state indigenes of any information that botherns on the activities of government.

Of a fact, whatever has to do with government, particularly matters that relates to the cost of projects, the goverment usually make it public and I want to say this l’m not an engineer on the issue of fly over to me I won’t look at the fly over from the numbers of the kilometers because it’s not just a hold project.

When one looks at the engineering design being carried out on the various works, particularly the fly- over project at Ore, it would be discovered that the government is not just been cost effectiveness, it is also ensuring quality of the job being done. Beyond the number of kilometres of roads, governor Akeredolu is very concetned about the quality, that is something that will stand the test of time, which is very very important beyond other considerations.

What is more? The government of Arakunring Akeredolu has an agency called sales agency (community and social development agency). This innovation is one social development in our agency in counterpart arrangement. From 2017 up to date, this agency has carried out about 160 projects in the state, providing portable water, health facilities, power and others.

Projects numbering up to one hundred and sixty some have been completed and some are on on-going with a definite plan to make then available and records of all of this will be available for use within the shortest possible time. And we must all understand the philosophy behind this delibrate action of infrastural libration of Ondo State about which the governor has been very committed. And that sole philosophy is hinged on the plan to discourage migration from the rural area to urban centers.

Of the over a hundred completed and ongoing projects, it is gratifying to note that the rural areas are given priority by this government are feeling there part of all what we are doing.what we are expected the SDP to do is that the rural area we competed is out of it to follow the ward time temperate we would think available the next percent to get those project done and those are the community arrangement.

The governor has been so committed to quality delivery of any projects so well that he does not adopt existing template in ondo state but a global standard, even on the world bank intervention projects which requires that the government gives counterpart follow the standards.

And he continues unswervingly on this progressive part as a leader who is poised to engrave enduring difference and legacies on the sands of time. Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has succeeded in emplacing the sunshine state on the global page in terms of develpmental projects. The good news is
that the governor is not resting on his oars.

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