Adetileewa Funmilade Joins APC With Impressive Credentials


Hon. Adetileewa Funmilade Joins APC With Impressive Credentials

Rank of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ward 3 of Akeagbe Akoko has proudly been boosted with a politician strategist and grassroots mobilizer. The quality addition is none other than Hon. Adetileewa Fafunmilade. This quality addition has undoubtedly strengthen APC the more for overwhelming victories in all future political contests. As things stand for APC in Okeagbe Akoko today with the factor of Funmilade’s defection, future elections have become mere walk over for the party.

It is most gladdening that Prince Funmilade has officially made his defection from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to APC known. This move is also.naturally expected to be of immense benefits to APC in Okeagbe Ward 3 because of the obvious strong political base and highly impressive political credentials that Hon. Funmilade has brought to his new political party.

The grassroots mobilizer is highly reputable for his robust understanding of local political issues in addition to his
unwavering commitment to public service in Okeagbe Akoko. As far as the politics of Okeagbe is concerned, Adetileewa is evidently a very key factor. As expected, his defection will serve as a major boost for the fortune, influence and prospects of APC in Okeagbe, the headquarters of Akoko North-West Local Government of Ondo State.

Funmilade is clearly a human asset and he has joined APC in Okeagbe Akoko with the expectations that he would add unquantifiable value to the ruling party in Ondo State. The man obvious has a proven and impressive track records of amazing ability to mobilize support and to also connect effectively with the grassroots. Funmilade is indeed poised to become a very formidable assets for APC in Okeagbe Akoko area of Ondo State.

The decision of Prince Adetileewa to join APC in Okeagbe was obviously informed by the growing popularity and good governance already emplaced by the party in Akoko North West Local Government Area. Also, the political gambit of Prince Funmilade is equally a testimony of
APC’s undeniable delivery of democratic dividendd, inclusive policies and progressive the entire stretch of Akoko North West of Ondo State.

It is a known fact that the fastest growing and the most formidable political set-up in Ondo State as at today is the Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo political family. Funmilade is therefore not unmindful that his defection to the APC in Okeagbe will further strengthen and serve as an impetus to the growth of Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo political family.

In a bid to set the record straight,
Prince Adetileewa was of the firm opinion that the ideology and performance of APC in Okeagbe Akoko aligns very closely with his vision for the community.
The Akoko Prince further made it clear that he was truly influenced to join APC because of the obvious
commitment of the party to infrastructural transformation, economic empowerment and the vast improvement in the welfare of Akoko people.

It is however very interesting to note that the leadership of APC in Okeagbe Akoko has warmly welcome Funmilade into their fold.
As a matter of fact, his defection has been perceived a major political victory for APC leaders and members in Okeagbe Akoko. The defection of Adetileewa to APC has also been seen as a very big deal by the leaders because of the already occasioned increment in the popularity and membership of the party in Okeagbe Akoko.

It is now very evident that Okeagbe Akoko APC is fast transiting from being popular to consolidating on its gains of good governance. In view of this transitional phase of the party, the best thing to have happened to the APC after the 2023 general elections was the decision of Adetileewa Funmilade to join the the party. The political step of defection made by the Akoko Prince is already paying off
because the foothold of APC is manifestly becoming strengthened a lot more in Akoko North West Local Government Area.

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