As the Ondo State Gubernatorial Election draws closer, Asiwaju Adekanmbi reemphasised his promise to take care of the aged citizens if elected as the next occupier of Alagbaka Government House.

Adekanmbi has started doing this in his private capacity. He had been empowering the senior citizens of Ondo State through Ondo State Youth for Good Governance (OYGG). OYGG is a group of intelligent youths that is serving as a point of contact between Adekanmbi and the aged and vulnerable group.

OYGG also working hard to ensures Hon Adekanmbi emerge as the governor of the state to replicate his good work.

Meanwhile, showing love to the less previledge and upgrading the standard of living of an average Ondo State citizen has become a norm and commitment of Asiwaju Adekanmbi Femi and OYGG who are partners in seeing Good Governance in Our dear Sunshine State.

The aged citizens, however showed their sincere appreciation to Asiwaju Adekanmbi for this kind gesture towards the ordinary people and pray that, he will succeed in his gubernatorial aspiration, ameliorate the suffering of the masses.

OYGG also thank their Friend (Asiwaju Adekanmbi Femi) for his timely outreach program in seeing that every citizens and inhabitant of our dear Sunshine State enjoys the dividends of democracy.

  1. Coordinator of OYGG said “Adekanmbi is a friend to our organization and he has remain a resolute and upright person that is partnering with OYGG vision of Good Governance for all citizens and inhabitant of Sunshine”. The coordinator stated

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