_Media Attack on Engr. Ife Oyedele: Gov. Akeredolu has lost touch with reality-Oyedele


_Media Attack on Engr. Ife Oyedele: Gov. Akeredolu has lost touch with reality__

We have just read a statement credited to one Ojo Oyewamide who signed as Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to the Governor of Ondo State.

We are sure the Governor did not read it before authorising its release otherwise it would not have been published.

We normally should not dignify such infantile statement with a response. However there is the need to make a few remarks less they assume they have scored some cheap political points and the uninformed are misled by their jejune posturing

Let us place it on record that the man, Engr Ife Oyedele has been in politics long before the Governor himself sees the need to present himself for service in the capacity which he now occupies. Engr Ife Oyedele has been a member of the Congress for Progressive Change on the platform of which he was member of the Board of Trustees and is on record to have moved with the incumbent President when he chose to create and hoist the flag of the CPC in the Presidential elections of 2011. Indeed Oyedele’s role in the CPC-ACN Merger was so pivotal that he it was who designed the logo on the flag of the party which Oyewande’s principal eventually rode on to victory. One wonders therefore how it is that Ojo Oyewande can describe such a man as a ‘stakeholders’ ATM’!

We are of the view that Ife Oyedele should be proud to be described as they did and not just his family’s ATM like his principal. Afterall it is a Christian virtue to give. It was that great musician, the late Dr. Orlando Owoh, who happens to come from the same Owo town as our Governor that sang the song that says; and I quote: “nitori opo eniyan lase da wa lola, nitori alaini lase bukun wa”.

Furthermore, is it not also a testimonial to the penury into which the ones he so disrespectfully refers to, if in spite of having a sitting governor, they are forced to engage in underhand means (as Ojo has foolishly alleged) to raise money from another? Again, we are of the opinion that Ife should be grateful to God for such a wonderful opportunity to be a blessing to others.

Also, is Ojo Oyewamide so ignorant that Ife Oyedele is the architect of the effort of the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Niger Delta Power Holding Company Limited (NDPHC) to restore power to Ondo South Senatorial District after almost 10 years of darkness?

Is he and his principal not aware that the works have been largely completed and handed over to Benin Electricity Distribution Company (Benin DISCO) which is presently carrying out the enumeration of its customers with a view to providing prepaid meters and re-connecting their facilities to the national grid?

Was Oyewamide not yet in the employment of his principal when the NDPHC team led by its Executive Director (Engineering &Technical Services), Engr. Ife Oyedele, in company with the Governor met stakeholders from Ondo South to sensitise the citizens at the commencement of the project?

Oyewamide should advise his Principal to address the issues raised in Ife Oyedele’s comment at the Empowerment Programme organised last Saturday in Oka, Ondo State. He should tell Ondo State citizens the Governor’s plans for the State and explain why his family has commandeered the resources of the State for itself. We need to know why a single project has not been commissioned in the State for the past 3 years since the advent of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu as Governor of the State.

The Governor as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria should educate his handlers that when allegations are made the respondent is better to use facts to counter such allegations rather than resort to throwing tantrums which would not impress the Judges, who in this case are the teeming masses of Ondo State suffering and impoverished because of his clueless and vacuously arrogant style of governance.

_Samuel Adeyemi Media Consultant_

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