Yinka Tunji-Ojo: Celebrate God’s continual faithfulness


Yinka Tunji-Ojo: Celebrate God’s continual faithfulness

The gift of life can only be given by the divine alone, it’s not a product of man’s work but the grace and mercies of the divine, one which must be dutifully acknowledged and gracefully celebrated.

Mrs. Yinka Tunji-Ojo, mother of Rep. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, celebrates the addition of another year on earth, and this period gives us more opportunity the appreciate the Divine for choosing the Matriarch as vessel to bless mankind.

The highly respected Mrs. Yinka Tunji-Ojo, can raise her shoulders high and acknowledge the good work she has done in giving members of the larger society a gift which has continued to bless the life of the majority.

As we celebrate her on this auspicious occasion, we hope that our society will continue to see more women like her, women who have all it takes to conceive, birth and nurture dreams that will make a better reality for all.

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