Workers Day:Kayode Ajulo’s Solidarity Message


Today marks a remarkable day; the day of labour and solidarity. Dating back to the 1880s and born as a result of the worldwide struggle of workers for daily working hours, 1st of May is all the more important today as we come to well realise the importance of solidarity.

There is no doubt that we are living a historic moment when we have to better understand the value of labour, and the importance in our lives of each and every worker ranging from health workers to store workers, bakers to delivery staff, farmers to pharmacists, barbers to waiters and waitresses, domestic workers to taxi drivers particular at this unprecedented time where insecurity, banditry, unemployment have become the order of the day.

Unless radical reforms are undertaken to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the defence and security institutions, Nigeria’s socio-economic indicators will deteriorate with dire consequences for the corporate existence of the Nation. There is the need for government to be proactive in dealing with security issues and threats, through modern methods of intelligence gathering, and intelligence sharing, training, logistics, motivation, and deploying advanced technology in managing security challenges.

Rather than calling for engagement of mercenaries and external support, President Buhari should look inward by engaging the services of prominent and meritorious retired public officers including military and paramilitary personnel. There’s urgent need for convocation of National Security Summit where out veterans expertise will be put to use to surmount the problem.

On the issue of the onging strike action of the Judicial Staff Union of Nigeria, the Leadership of JUSUN should take a clue from the incessant strike action embarked upon by ASUU including other Trade Unions in Nigeria and its consequent implications.

It must be noted that strike action is not the ultimate panacea to resolve disputes each has to be decided based on the circumstances surrounding it and parties involved as well that any action taken must be for the greater good for the people.

The leadership of JUSUN is thus admonished to look inward and consider a more beneficial approach to ensure that their agitations are implemented by these erring Governors and not allow same to inimically affect the fundamental rights of the Citizens and the confidence reposed in the judiciary by members of the society. Federal Government should also take the bull by horns, hence the need to deduct funds of other arms of government from the source in compliance with constitutional provisions.

We are at a critical juncture where we need to collaborate and support one another against the devastation and decadence currently beleaguering the Nigerian landscape.

Solidarity is indeed the expectation of everyone. It is my strong belief that policies and actions responding to the crisis must be prioritised in protecting the vulnerable in the society.
We have to the point where the culture of solidarity and collaboration should prevail; and incite everyone to contribute to developing sustainable, inclusive, fair, human-centered and decent policies.

I wholeheartedly wish everyone a wonderful Workers Day, reminding us the utmost importance of solidarity between workers and the need for collegial effort in ensuring a better Nigeria.

Happy Workers Day!

Kayode Ajulo
Kayode Ajulo & Co. Castle of Law,
21, Amazon Street, Maitama District, Abuja -Nigeria

1st May, 2021

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