Why I’m removing my womb – Actress Etinosa


Why I’m removing my womb – Actress Etinosa

Nigerian actress, Etinosa Idemudia, has revealed that she will soon be undergoing surgery to remove her womb.

The actress stated her plans during a conversation with an X user on Thursday.

The user had said if procreation were a choice, many people would opt out of it.

“The reason why most people don’t want to have kids If God made it as a choice actually I would not have accepted to come here at all because what is the essence at the end of the day?” the X user wrote.

In response, Etinosa said she will undergo surgery to remove her womb soon.

She added that she does not want her children to come to the world to face death.

“God bless you. Reason I am doing a surgery soon to take off my womb. No child of mine is coming to this world to wait for death,” she wrote.

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