Voting for APC, PDP is like romancing with the devil – Seun Majasan, NNPP Senatorial candidate in Ondo Central


Worried by the present situation of things in Nigeria today, the Senatorial Candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) in Ondo Central Senatorial District, Hon. Seun Majasan has urged Nigerians to reject All Progressives Congress (APC) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in forthcoming general election saying voting for APC and PDP is like romancing with the devil because they have bad antecedents.

According to him, they called themselves Renewed Hope, meaning they have failed our hope before, they cannot fool Nigerians anymore. February 25 elections would shock them even if they try to manipulate it, they will still fail, both APC and PDP because they are the same folks under different skin. God no go allow them this time around, their money and influence will fail them.

Addressing newsmen in Akure, the Ondo State Capital today, Majasan noted that “I think, basically, we should stop looking at these two parties and start focusing on a new party like New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) adding that APC and PDP have really failed us, there is no difference between them that is why the membership of those two parties finds it easy to cross over from one to the other, because they are basically at home wherever they are on both sides.

The Senatorial hopeful stressed that it was lack of good leadership in Nigeria that threw the nation into it current problems saying that there is Petrol shortages, chaos at banks, in addition to insecurity and the chronic lack of water and electricity, have added to the plight of many in Nigeria.

He said that was why “it has now become imperative for Nigerians to look for a new party like NNPP to exercise their rights so as to come out of this abject poverty.

Majasan stated that it was unfortunate that APC and PDP have no answer to Nigeria problems. They have formed governments, we were all witnesses. They did not come with a good intention to make amends. If you look at the fight against corruption, all these corrupt people that were supposed to be prosecuted sneaked into the APC from PDP.

He therefore appealed to Nigerians to dump the two parties and cast their votes for candidates of NNPP across all positions in the country adding that it is now apparently clear that APC and PDP would not do anything even if Nigerians vote for any of the two parties again.


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