Vote wisely for capable leaders to eradicate poverty in the land, Tunji Abayomi tells Nigerians


Human Rights Activist and Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council for Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Dr. Tunji Abayomi has passionately appealed to Nigerians to Vote wisely for candidates who will promote good governance for the nation’s development so as to end poverty in the land.

According to him, Nigeria need a man with wisdom in order to help this nation not necessarily a holy man but a capable leader for better future.

Abayomi while speaking with Journioalists said that next elections present opportunities for Nigerians to choose leaders that have the interest of the country at heart

He said Nigeria should be one of the greatest nations in the World but the challenges this nation is facing today is poverty.

“Now we need to ask ourselves that among the people that are running for Presidency, who can create wealth for this nation, who can rise to the challenge of poverty among them.

“Yes, leadership is significant because leadership is more significant than poverty. It is leadership that would reform our poverty to wealth.

“A leader must have value and he must have concern for the people and also be compassionate. Change cannot come through morality but it will come through practicality.

“We need someone who can make money and use the money for our development because a hungry man does not understand the language of persuasion. When a man is denied or hungry, sin means nothing, morality means nothing.

“What we should be talking about is what Nigeria should be and not what Nigeria is, we all know how Nigeria is, but we should be talking about how Nigeria should be. So if we are talking about what Nigeria should be, it would be what we want it to be when we do something about poverty, that is the foundation of the tragedy of this nation. Now we should be looking for a man who can raise the wealth of this nation and use that wealth to develop us.

“We are in the crucial week as election is a few days away. Elections will come and go, however, the future of Nigeria is very important to us as a people. We need wealth to develop this nation. And what type of President do we want to elect, i am saying that the President we should focus on, not a holy President but a President even, if he is a sinner that can transform this nation.

“I think Nigerians should disregard all distractions now and focus on the serious issues of voting for the next government because, this nation really need a faithful Choice to raise it up”, Abayomi added


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