Today’s Lesson : The Penis Captivus /Thunderbolt/Magun.


Today’s Lesson : The Penis Captivus /Thunderbolt/Magun..!

Before you start blaming village people please read on. Knowledge is Power-

It’s when a male and a female get stuck. This is a very, very rare phenomenon. This has nothing to do with witchcraft, neither spells thrown, nor infidelity.

What’s the captivus penis?

During love making, suddenly we realize that we’re stuck. The penis is in the vagina, and it is impossible to get it out. At First, we wait a little, and it stays stuck. Stuck penis doesn’t make everyone laugh! Medical students tell each other hunting stories, so are the samu employees. And we can all laugh. But when it happens to you, at the moment, you don’t find it especially fun. An emergency doctor told me: ” a lady called me and said she had a very serious stomach pain. In fact, when I arrived, she was stuck with her lover… and they were both very shy, even if they were trying to act like it was a ordinary situation. Actually, I’ve only seen this twice in my career. It’s still relatively rare… “

Penis Penis, why does the penis stay blocked?

It’s the vagina that holds the penis. The muscles of the perineum, located around the vagina, contract very strong, completely involuntary. The girl can’t do it, it’s like an unusual reflex, but uncontrollable. She can’t relax those muscles. It’s a kind of muscle spasms around the vagina. Stuck penis, the gesture that unstick?

Before calling the doctor, there is a gesture that can unlock the situation. So it’s always better to try before calling the firefighters, the samu, the emergency or the doctor who will take a bite to relax the muscle! Being able to manage yourself in these conditions is rather reassuring. The gesture that unstick is a rectal touch [Stick a dry and sharp finger in the woman’s ass]. it’s about putting a finger in the girl’s butt. Not very glamorous? No, but it causes a relaxation reflex of the muscles of the perineum.

Another solution: if you have a sleeping pill, you have to make the woman swallow it. Even Valium 10 mg is enough. She dozes off and all her muscles are relaxing. the Man can then withdraw easily.

Here is in these few lines, a process that prevents any panic in this case. i know people will say that we’re in Africa and it’s another reality, right? The phenomenon is explained and it is necessary before any other reasons, to try what is possible here. Good reading and good meditation to all. Pleasant day to you

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