The World Largest Lesson and Trashusers takes SDG to schools in Lagos, Nigeria


The World Largest Lesson and Trashusers takes SDG to schools in Lagos, Nigeria

We got to Everton school and spoke about the SDGs. It was not surprising that they were not familiar with it. What was surprising was the fact that they knew what Climate Change is. So, indirectly the students knew about the goals, not just the way it was presented to them.

The aim of the Sustainable Development Goals Activation in Schools is to introduce students to the SDGs with the aim of raising them as agents of change in their communities towards achieving the Global Goals. This is in line with the concept of leaving no one behind in the implementation of the SDGs.

The objective is to make students understand the importance of learning to take actions for the SDGs and as well as prepare them to become real-life change makers.

Over two hundred 200 students in Everton and Chrysostom schools were taught the meaning of the SDG.
The students were happy as most of them took the pledge to individually commit to one global goal at a rime.

Seun Bode was on ground to make sure the students took parts in a very practical exercise explaining the Goals in a simpler form.

One of the challenges we encountered was the inability of teachers to control the students. Enough time was not allotted to the facilitators. Explaining the SDGs and having a practical example takes time. The timing was limited. However, Trashusers was able to achieve quite a lot with the students within the stipulated time.

The sustainable development goal is everybody’s business and it is necessary to catch the youngers one now and make them aware to take this global action.

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