I understand that pretence is a virtue in politics.Even in real life, it helps you avoid needless provocation.I am putting that aside so that these delusional lots won’t confuse us with their lies.I was clear when I said silence wouldn’t be golden anymore.I will never be tired of setting the records straight.It is not because of today but tomorrow.

Ordinarily,I wouldn’t have responded to the Akungba born babaláwo’s son who Adetimehin contracted to write that piece for him and he chose to go faceless under the name of Akoko South West leaders to pass insult.It is the height of insanity for someone who hasn’t been loyal to any of his kinsmen to talk about betrayal.I am not from Akungba Akoko and I do not belong to the league of leaders who he freely insults.I am the Akogun of Oka kingdom,an unpretentious fighter.His 65 thousand naira job won’t save him if he crosses my line.

How do I even respond to someone who hasn’t seen anything in life other than running up and down in search of crumbs?What does he know about rise and fall?Did his father’s oracle lift me in the first place before he knew I had fallen?Has he been lifted for once before determining anyone’s fall in life?This boy is truly deluded.Those who sent him should have told him he’s meeting a lion that can devour him.

Apart from writing in the first person singular ‘I’ which casts an obvious dent on his childish piece,one would expect that the supposed Akoko South West Leaders would openly put their names at the end of the piece so that I can send them gifts in equal proportion.But because they are cowards they don’t have the liver to do that.This boy claims to be a graduate?Truly, he’s a primitive boy seeking the recognition he doesn’t deserve.

Away from the Akungba wannabe,I owe my rise to God Almighty as my life has always been a true reflection of the Grace He has bequeathed me. I want to state unequivocally that there is no greater rise in my entire life than being the Akogun of Oka kingdom.This is one thing politics cannot take away from me.It is an office I cherish so much and I will do my best to protect.As long as I live,you won’t insult my kingdom and I will keep quiet.I am not a slave and I have never been.Never!

While it is true that I was appointed by late Chief Adefarati,I was never a P.A to Adetimehin.He has told this lie severally and he enjoys saying it and as a matter of fact,we earned the same salary in that administration.Could I have earned the same salary with my boss?Adetimehin should be courageous enough to post his payslip while I do same so that people will know who’s lying between us.I challenge him on this.The fact that we shared the same office then due to inadequate office spaces was the reason he claimed I was his P.A.

It is also very untrue that he gave me my first car.We are talking of 2000/2001 which car was he driving then that he would give me a car?The person I bought my first car(Benz 190) from is still alive.That Adetimehin appointed me as the Education Secretary is to give God’s glory to the devil. AKETI gave me that appointment and it was Abena, the former SSG,he sent to me to tell me about the appointment.It was on record that I stayed away on the day of inauguration because I believed that appointment wasn’t commensurate with my contributions towards our success in the 2016 Gubernatorial Poll..I was the lone voice of Aketi in the whole of Oka from 2011 until others joined me.Arabinrin and Aketi spoke with me after they didn’t see me at the inauguration of SUBEB Chairman/Commissioners and Education Secretaries.Aketi told me that was the appointment available then and he didn’t want to keep me out of his Government longer than that as that was late October 2017.
He knew I stood by him through thick and thin and that he knew I deserved a better position but for paucity of funds,he would not be able to make more appointments.

As my Leader and the Governor, I listened to him and he promised I would get something better soon.Nine months down the line, I resigned and contested for a seat in the House of Assembly. Adetimehin wasn’t in the picture at all. Adetimehin wasn’t happy with the harmonious relationship I enjoyed with Aketi and he vowed to frustrate me in the House of Assembly and he surely did.He made sure I wasn’t a Principal officer in the House. Even when it was obvious that it was the turn of an Akoko person to be the Majority Leader when the occupier of that office Hon.Maito resigned and joined Agboola Ajayi during Aketi/Agboola imbroglio.Adetimehin claimed that Principal Officers are appointed by the Party.He didn’t just shortchange Akoko but pushed me out because of his hatred for my guts.Did he not collect TAX to take the position to Owo even when the Governor said he wasn’t comfortable with that?

Everyone said I was the most qualified for that position considering my antecedents but because of the hatred Mr Adetimehin has for me,he and his co-conspirators made sure I didn’t get that position and they offered me the position of the Chief Whip which I rejected.I moved on.Aketi knows my role during the crisis in the House. I was the arrowhead of members that stabilized the House for the Party and Government.So, it’s not today that the TAX COLLECTOR has been after me. Principal Officer or no Principal Officer I made my marks in the House.If Adetimehin had his way, I would have been sent packing from the House a very long time ago.

So for him to say I’m angry because I couldn’t make it back to the House is a trash.The so called Primary Election will be a year this weekend,I have never written or said anything about the shameful primary election he supervised in Akoko after I had a conversation with Mr Governor.If he saw anywhere I wrote about it,let him bring it on.I already planned for my future.My future is in God’s hand and not in Adetimehin’s hand.

As the Spokesman of the Ondo House of Assembly,Adetimehin should know that any press statement from me is always the collective voice of the House but I am not surprised he didn’t know,for him to say I blackmailed the Governor and Government during the Snake Saga shows how deficient his reasoning is.
You do not ask a toad to give you a chair when it’s obviously squatting.It is impossible to give what you do not have.I have kept quiet as this is the only line he has been using to blackmail me before the Governor,that I said there was a snake in House of Assembly.
Aketi knows better being a man who’s exposed and educated. I charge Adetimehin to take an opportunity for serious schooling at the National Open University located on the road to his hometown Idanre.At least, Former President Obasanjo took the bull by the horns by establishing that for people like Adetimehin who wasted away their youth chasing profanities and engaging in other unprofitable ventures when they were supposed to go to School. Proper education cannot be too late.Adetimehin needs it earnestly.

Since he claimed to have helped me win my election in 2019,he could have replicated the same feat in 2023 with his unsellable candidate.It is delusional for a man who has never won any election personally and a perpetual failure in his domain to claim that he helped me win election in Akoko.All politicians in Ondo State will laugh at the lie that Adetimehin rejected money. It’s like saying a monkey rejected banana.Even beyond party line,the only thing Adetimehin understands is money.He will take money from a known devil. This is an open secret.I couldn’t have taken money to Adetimehin in the first place and he wouldn’t have rejected if I did.

I do not know why it is too difficult for Adetimehin and his allies to know that I have moved on with my life.From the delegate list to the primary election,Adetimehin should be ashamed of himself.You want me to talk about a delegate list that you didn’t allow me to access until the morning of the election? Was Gbogi,your Colorado candidate not on the delegate list that was used for the same election where he was a contestant?How could I have had a meeting with the delegates when he kept it away from me till the election day. It was the Ward Executives in my Constituency I held a meeting with and what transpired in that meeting was twisted to suit their purpose.On the same delegate list were a man,his wife and two children in one of the ward just because you wanted people that would not vote for me to be on the list.He shamelessly skewed everything against the decision of the Leader of the Party who is the Governor by changing the delegates list in that election.
It was easy for him to manipulate a primary election but he couldn’t have moved the electorates to the Dome in order to do his bidding.But for his shenanigans,APC wouldn’t have lost all the seats we lost in the last election in Akoko.

I am not asking for too many friends in my life.And Adetimehin knows why I fell out with him.He should swear with his life that he wasn’t blackmailing and calling Aketi unprintable names in my presence.Even after Aketi has been magnanimous in giving him road contracts and other benefits that he didn’t deserve, but like Oliver Twist,he would always ask for more and tell people that he didn’t benefit anything in the Government.
I couldn’t have been seen to have joined him to speak ill of a man who has tried his best for all of us.It is not in my character to talk behind anyone.I face anyone if I have an axe to grind.In the presence of some witnesses,I walked out of his house and that was my last day of ever visiting him.I am not like the asslickers who bring the Governor down to mark daily register in his house.

The issue of suspension is very funny.As a matter of fact,it exposed many of them.It exposed their fraud,evil intentions as well as their low knowledge of the party’s constitution.I have it on good authority that in a meeting where such illegal decision of suspension was taken,Hon Olabimtan unequivocally told me that nobody was suspended in my ward(Agba Ward 4 Oka).
I have the documents containing the names and signatures of everyone in that meeting I got the Original Copy of the list from Hon.Olabimtan today,23rd May,2023.The Original Copy he and the Local Government Chairman(Even though events has overtaken all that by the pronouncement of the NWC of Our Party)The one being circulated in the media was doctored by Adetimehin putting my name on the list just to send me out of the Party.Let me say this to the TAX COLLECTOR that I don’t need to be a Party member to benefit from Government or to survive.We can ask Adetimehin how my name fraudulently made it back into the list thereafter.It is no longer news that the NWC of our party has shamed all of them today.

My life after the House of Assembly had been planned carefully.Even if I stay in the House for another term,I would exit one day.It is this fraudulent and illegal suspension and the the insults and lies told on our revered monarch I am fighting and I will fight this to the very end.This is a battle MR TAX COLLECTOR cannot win.

I am a proud farmer in both livestocks and plants and I’m very comfortable.I have other things I do as side hustles.I am in politics to serve my people. While I was doing my best in my little way,God gave me a kingdom to protect.What honour is more than that? If rising and falling are predicated on the political offices we hold,what will anyone say about our President-elect,Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who has not held any political office since 2007? Is he not coming back as the President of Nigeria today? Adetimehin and his jesters will be shocked at what God will do in my life.They didn’t create me.

I told Mr Adetimehin to get a copy of Chinua Achebes Award winning book;Things Fall Apart.In that interesting story,Okonkwo met his waterloo because he took part in the Murder of Ikemefuna,a boy that called him master.

Oga Ade,this is a battle you cannot win.You have pushed your luck too far and you messed with the wrong guy!!!

Chief Olugbenga Omole
Akogun of Oka Kingdom.
22nd May,2023.

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