The boy was expelled in February’ — Babcock reacts to leaked sex tape


The boy was expelled in February’ — Babcock reacts to leaked sex tape

The management of Babcock University has come out to speak on the leaked video where two of its former students were seen having sex.

The ex-students of the missionary school were caught on camera having sex in what appeared to be a clinic.

While the incident took place some months ago, the recording was recently leaked on social media platforms and it instantly went viral.

In a statement issued on Wednesday evening, Joshua Suleiman, the varsity’s director, communication and marketing, said the persons involved in the sex tape are no longer students of the institution.

According to him, “the boy was expelled from the school in February this year”, while “his girlfriend” was asked to leave the school shortly after the video broke out — some months ago.

He added that the incident took place in April at Saint Bridget Hospital, Abeokuta and not in the school premises.

“The video above referred is, unfortunately, a sad commentary on the moral decadence that has assailed our society at large, a manner of behaviour that is alien and antithetical to the value of our university. It is not worth a tinge of fascination, but a ground of great concern for all,” the statement read.

“The boy in the video was expelled from Babcock University in February this year after investigation and the due process proved that he was into certain grievous misconducts, the acts for which the university has zero-tolerance.

“His girlfriend in the same video, until the video broke out, a third-year student of accounting of this university. After due process, she was expelled from the university for violation of university rules and regulations.

“The place where the immoral act took place, according to her written statement, was at Saint Bridget Hospital, Abeokuta, Ogun State, where the boy has been undergoing rehabilitation for different destructive addictions. According to the girl, the incident took place in April this year during school vacation when she visited the boy at the hospital. The act did not take place at Babcock University.

“Babcock University remains committed to the highest moral standards and would remain a standard-bearer for quality education in standard character, learning and in service to humanity. We are happy to be saddled with this challenge as an institution because it propels us to contribute to the greatness of this nation and the security of a bright future for our children.

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