The Alagbaka Needless Turmoil: Appeal to Conscience— Razaq Obe


The Alagbaka Needless Turmoil: Appeal to Conscience
— Razaq Obe

“Conscience is an open wound, only the truth can heal it. ”
— Usman Dan Fodio, 1804

After weeks of insinuations, innuendos and subterfuges, I was eventually named on June 12, 2023 by some 2024 political plotters among those desirous of an illegitimate, untimely baton change in the leadership of our dear State. Being a veteran of many battles as a student activist and as a trade unionist, I casually ignored the hues all the while, remaining unfazed in the face of acerbic lies pervading the horizon, but naming me in a publication by Politics Nigeria as someone scheming to benefit from the impossible ouster of my benefactor, father and mentor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, CON, cannot but attract this rebuttal. It’s the worst lie ever told against my person.

  1. It’s sad this must be done knowing how bad the recuperating Mr. Governor would feel reading about the volcanic-scale eruption within his fold. But silence sometimes could be misconstrued as agreement.
  2. I appeal to those among these traducers who still retain some modicum of conscience to fear God and stop embarrassing Mr. Governor and Ondo State.
  3. First, I have no other political family or agenda or aspiration outside of that of Mr. Governor. I have enjoyed love and support and privileges from him and family that it would be satanic to imagine profiteering from his temporary challenge. How?! (In his word). I have no record of treachery, for those who care to do a background check.
  4. My relationship with the Deputy Governor, Hon. Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa (DGov), flows from that with the Governor. Nothing more or less. And I’ve not observed any strain in their relationship till date.
  5. Mr. Governor has the best key to unlock any political ambition I might have. So, it’s in my best interest to have him handhold me.
  6. I have never discussed being tapped as a possible running mate with the DGov let alone getting ‘promised’ of becoming one. We’ve always laughed at the spontaneous pairing by people each time political hailers threw words like ‘in-coming,’ ‘awaiting,’ etc., at some events.
  7. I’m political savvy enough to know no one contests to be made deputy. Those who seek it seldom get it.
  8. About three months ago, I had to commission my SA to meet those ‘boys’ around Gov’s office to advise them to stop hailing me. ‘Eru’ and co can confirm this.
  9. I have not attended a single political meeting for the DGov, neither has he called one that I know. This is because I believe Mr. Governor’s signal must precede any political move.
  10. My 100% loyalty is to Mr. Governor and by extension his family. If there should be any cleavage, I would surely be found on Mr. Gov’s side. I would readily reject any political offer outside his endorsement.
  11. The lie that I had been promised to be made deputy governor before the end of my benefactor’s tenure is coming directly from desperate politicians who most unfortunately calculate the DGov would end their aspirations should the unlikely happen, hence the obvious wrangling to tear down the DGov and all those who would not join their gang-up to supplant him. This is the only truth behind the ongoing uproar.
  12. How do they know who wishes someone dead? Could someone die or take ill because another wishes it so? In recent weeks, we have watched with utter dismay the nasty things hurled at the DGov in their futile attempt to nail him but none stuck.
  13. Folks are standing logic on its head. Does it make sense to say the people appointed by Mr. Gov are scheming to remove him? Through what power? And for what reason or purpose? The same people who could be sacked by issuing a two-paragraph press statement? These things don’t add up.
  14. Mr. Governor is a kindhearted, empathetic, caring and fair leader that none would wish evil. Even people in the opposition hold him in high esteem. How much more people who are direct partakers of his grace?
  15. Prior to now, many other lies had been targeted at me. At one point they alleged Mr. Governor usually sent me to represent him at some key events to make me popular so that he could make me minister. Some said he was priming me for 2024 deputy governorship spot. Envy and hate welled up in some quarters.
  16. Just last week, they also lied to and warned the same DGov to distance himself from me that I had been planted by Babajide Akeredolu (Baba) to record and get information from him, as if Baba is part of any plot against him. These people have periodically heaped even worse lies on Baba, trying to demonize one of the best minds with noble character and remarkable competence in a Nigerian government ever.
  17. May the faithful God who healed Mr. Gov before not fail us this time. As the Lord lives, he will fully recover and all those who weaponized the current situation would never ever know peace. Those who seek his death will all die before their time in Jesus’ name.
  18. The blackmailers should know this; I will not be cowed into hating the DGov because political dealers want him out of office so desperately. All my life, I have demonstrated great courage to stand for the truth at all times, despite high costs. This would not be an exception. I will stand for the truth no matter the size or frequency of the onslaughts.
  19. I beseech these political aggressors, character assassins to count me out of any inordinate deputy governorship aspiration and stop attacking those who have refused to join their anti-Aiyedatiwa train.

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