STATE OF EDUCATION IN NIGERIA: ONDO STATE AS A CASE STUDY BY Ayobami Ogedengbe writes from Okeagbe Àkókò 08034910527



This is a call to all religious bodies, all civil societies and all well meaning individuals in Ondo State, are you aware that the last time a comprehensive recruitment exercise was done in the Teaching sector was over 11 years ago during the administration of Late Olusegun Agagu who was Ondo State Governor between 2003 and 2009? *If you don’t know, now you know* I used the word “comprehensive” there because I heard unconfirmed rumors that says that some recruitments go on underground.

In the 8 years of Olusegun Mimiko (2009-2017), no teacher was employed in Ondo State. Now also, in the last 3 years of Arákùnrin Rotimi Akeredolu, there has been no recruitment of teachers.

For years going, there are schools without Biology, Physics, Chemistry and literature teachers.
And when you speak with the Principals of these schools who are helpless about the situation you will hear the ridiculous conditions that they said the government gives them – That the students must not fail.
And truly, the students, who don’t have teachers in these subjects don’t fail these subjects in the external examinations – WAEC and NECO.

How do they do it?
Organized examination malpractice. *we all know this and we keep quiet. Why are we like this?*

Are these children being helped like this?
Yet, in churches and Mosques and events, we tell these children to be of good behavior, face their studies, don’t do drugs and all sorts.
Yet, apart from our conniving silence in the face of this anomaly, the other culprit destroying their lives (by neglecting to give proper education) – The Chief Executive Officer of the state, The Governor is addressed as “His excellency” by all of us in these institutions that ought to be a voice for these adolescents who have been taught all their lives to respect elders, even though they might have something to say about the obvious injustice which they see is being meted on them. Is it that there is no money to pay teachers if they are recruited or what? I sure know beyond a doubt that there are people available for such recruitment. Is it so bad that we can’t get help to fix the problem from anywhere? Is there some form of wisdom in neglecting that critical part of nation building that I am missing out on? How do we grow a nation with a woeful educational system?
Doesn’t this call for a state of emergency? Isn’t our future being systematically built for failure, emptiness and shallowness? Is this a deliberate act or just an unfortunate oversight? Will this note get the right attention and will immediate step be taken to correct it? Do we know the implication of what is on ground or are we totally oblivious of its impact on everyone of us in the future?

Dear prophets of God, is this God’s lot for us?
Am I just unnecessarily worried at what God has ordained?
If it is so, can we hear from God what kind of future we are to expect?
I have to say however that there are simple steps to be taken to solve this problem. Does God know these steps? Can he suggest these steps to our leaders either through an adviser or through a dream? Can God equip them with the leadership ability to execute a comprehensive education plan for the sake of our collective future?

Why can’t we just do the right thing?
How come our God (our Jesus and our Mohammed and our reasoning) has not taught us that this vacuum is going to mislead a whole generation and that this kind of arrangement is creating a danger for us in the future?
These present governors and leaders and principals and everybody above 50 years of age today didn’t receive this kind of treatment when they were in their formative years in school.

Why on earth are we doing this for goodness sake? Why?

Can we help share this message so that we can have a possible explanation from any wise man on why the present order is totally fine and why there is nothing to worry about?

Can we help share this message to get to the government so that they might offer some explanation as to why education is not a part of their strategic development agenda?

Perhaps, the government do not consider education as important, can religious bodies (Christian, Islam, Traditionalists) and civil societies tell the government that education is important to all of us? I want to believe those of us who are pastors and Imams and Babaláwos all have children or grand children in one public school or the other. Don’t just fold your hands and watch our life waste away. Ask question, say something.
Will God do for us what we can do for ourselves?
Please, let your voice be heard if you’re not comfortable about this situation.
I am not comfortable, in fact, I am scared. Big time scared. And anyone who is alive and thinking will be scared, really scared.

Please, no one should be offended at the tone of the post. I might be young in age, but take the post as one coming from someone who has a right to speak to you in this way, perhaps, someone way older than you. Rise above your ego (a crippling African plague among some of those who are advanced in age) and reason with the critical issues I raised.
I say again, if there is a wisdom that I am missing out, that is, if the present order is just fine, please, someone should point it out to me. My mind cannot rest now, maybe if I hear a better wisdom from another perspective I’ll be able to find peace within me. Kindly help me.

Ayobami Ogedengbe writes from Okeagbe Àkókò

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