Seyi Tinubu : Pride of An Accomplished Father


Seyi Tinubu : Pride of An Accomplished Father

By Femi Salako

It is aphoristically said that the son of a tiger takes after no one else but the tiger; just the way an apple is never expected to fall far from its tree.

The tale of Seyi Tinubu, who is undoubtedly a pride of Lagos,
clearly captures the summary of an excellent existence which begets another excellent existence.

Seyi’s father, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is known worldwide to be a political colossus. He is also perceived in some quarters of the world as being more than just a mere mortal that is walking the path of the earth by using Lagos State and Nigeria as his foot paths.

Seyi Tinubu is fast etching his name as a man forged by the fire, basked with values and admirable cultural qualities which ranks him high among his contemporary.

Undoubtedly, Seyi is comfortably ranked amongst the privileged few that were born with silver spoons in the country. He has also gone the extra mile to prove that he is not just a average person that will depend on the successes on the success if his father.

In spite of being the son of a former Lagos Governor, he still carries himself with every sense of responsibility and dignity. Seyi also appreciates the concepts of accomplishment by toiling day night to make his mark in his chosen profession.

The advertising icon is also known for his gentle mien and undeniable intelligence that readily attract people to him. People that are close to the advertisement guru will
readily attest to the fact that he has inherited his father’s unique capacity for vision.

It could be argued that Seyi has made name for himself by leveraging on his father’s name and monumental successes. Meanwhile, it is an undebatable aphorism that the son of a lion is expected to walk just like the pride of the forest. But outside the shadows of the Jagarban Borgu, Seyi Tinubu has truly made a visible mark for himself.

It is also not uncommon for sons and daughters of some highly influential personalities in Nigerian society to turn round and tramp the good names of their families in the mud. However, this is far from being the case with Seyi Tinubu as he cautiously leads an exemplary lifestyle that is indeed worthy of emulation by his generation and the ones to come.

The Chief Executive Officer of prominent advertising company and Loatsad Promomedia Limited has undoubtedly done so well for himself. He has carved a niche for himself and also imprinted his signature of excellence in the
Nigerian marketing industry. He is likewise a frontline member of the STL Polo Team and his social skills equally suggest excellence.

In a bid to help his father to achieve his lifelong presidential ambition,
Seyi Tinubu has been doing the needful to help galvanize massive support for his father across the
36 states of the federation. He has been helping the campaign of Asiwaju Tinubu to gather momentum with the support of faithful APC supporters.

The dedicated son of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has thus far turned himself to a soldier with a passionate purpose. He has been traversing the length and breath of
Nigeria to gather thousands of youths even as more young Nigerians continue to preach the gospel of Asiwaju Tinubu’s presidency.

Notably, the ability of Seyi Tinubu in conflict mediation also underscores his latent leadership genius. He often manifests this quality through his frequent engagements and interactions with Nigerians from all walks of life. He does this with those in the worlds of show business, politics, and business, and beyond.

Seyi has also been making invaluable contributions to the presidential ambition of his father
by helping to plan strategy and negotiating with a wide range of stakeholders. This is of course the least he could do to ensure that his father gets elected as the next president of Nigeria.

Aside the one million youths march for Asiwaju Tinubu in Lagos State few months ago, Seyi was also recently instrumental to another one million youths march in Kano for Tinubu. The rally had in attendance the Executive Governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje.

More so, the relentless Seyi was also recently in Borno State to canvass support for his father’s presidential ambition. He took advantage of the political engagement to donate an ambulance and other medical supplies to the Borno State Specialist Hospital.

In a likewise manner, Seyi had also
taken his gospel of Asiwaju Tinubu’s presidency to other states of the country in addition to the federal capital territory in Abuja. Quite a number of items were also donated to the visited states and the FCT by Seyi Tinubu.

Without doubt, Seyi is a son that every father would love to have as a heir. Even at his relatively young age, he has achieved what those who are far older than him dared not contemplate. He has responsibility conducted and comported himself thus far without
getting involved in any form of scandal.

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