Faithfulness of God has undoubtedly been a dominant factor in the life of Reverend Monisola Fasheyi, the General Overseer of The Redeemed Gospel Evangelical Ministry Worldwide. God’s faithfulness has never come in a short supply for this firebrand spiritual instrument in the vineyard of the Almighty. She has been kept alive from infancy till now by the faithfulness of God. Everything about her from education to the choice of husband had manifested the same faithfulness of God. Despite the fact that Rev. Fasheyi had grudgingly accepted to work for God, yet His faithfulness has so far so well overshadowed her life and the ministry. 

The General Overseer of TREGEM will also celebrate another of God’s faithfulness on October 7 when she would be a year older. She evidently qualifies to be called a “Living Carrier of God’s Faithfulness”. In her marriage to a politician husband, Mr Fasheyi; God has never failed to manifest His faithfulness in the marriage. The same faithfulness of God has never been in doubt in the lives of her children. The TREGEM ministry has been a product  of God’s faithfulness and has been sustained by same from inception and till. The Ilejemeje in Ekiti State born clergywoman has through and through been a product of God’s faithfulness. 

Reverend Monisola is famous today as a minister of the gospel of Christ, but the journey has not been without itches and obstacles. She had gotten her calling in 1991 but refused to bulge as a result of her devotion to worldly commitments. She was still relatively young then and would not want God’s calling at the time to come between her and friends. She had also declined the calling because of worldly enjoyment. The calling never stopped coming while she kept declining until her eldest sibling passed on. Thereafter, according to Rev. Fasheyi, God specifically spoke to her in a clear language, “God came to me specifically and said my daughter this is how you will waste a lot of souls, even from your family”. It was at this point that she began to weep and told God she was ready to heed the call.

However total submission and surrendering to God by Rev. Monisola did not happened until January 2000. She decided at this time that she would go ahead with whatever the lord wanted of her.
It was in this submission that she began to hear a lot from God. God would speak to her about things that were to come, things that had happened in the past and on how to go about certain spiritual matters. God would specifically send her to certain churches for deliverance purposes which she would would carried out and returned home afterwards. God had used her to set a lot of people free through that process from year 2000 to 2007. God had again sent her out for a crusade that started in Ondo tow by December 2007. The spirit and power of God moved mightily at the crusade. According to her, “I started the crusade in my Ondo town and a lot of things happened. He took all the glory because He is the owner of the glory. He owns it,  He does not share glory with any man. God heals a lot of souls and did many signs and wonders that were even beyond my imagination.
God did things that I did not think He could do. Even while looking at some things He did and I would be amazed and shed tears.”

But the whole story changed in March 23, 2008 when a divine  instruction came that Rev. Fasheyi should set up a place of worship for the children of God. She had argued initially that how come about church again when God told her to start a crusade. According to Rev. Monisola,  “I argued it out and He said you won’t know what I want to do but later you will begin to understand it. Just go and plant a church”. She eventually obeyed and planted a church in March 23, 2008. As expected, there were lots of stories that greeted the planting of the church and its activities. God has so far performed lots of miracles, sign and wonders in the church since it was planted. The rumour mills again got busy with the manifestation of God’s powers  in the church. According to the TREGEM Overseer, “Rumors started flying around that I am a dead and reincarnated woman. I wanted to get scared but the Lord said if they say you are dead and your afraid, are you not dead? He now took me to Colossians 3:3 where He said I am dead but my life yield in Christ in God. I read it several times I came to understand that am dead but my life is yield in God. God now said if you are not dead you cannot go far in this journey that am taking you because the journey is far”. 

God further reinforced the trust of Rev. Monisola in Him by making her realize that similar strange thing was said about Jesus Christ during the time of his ministry. According to her, ” God again took me to the book of John and said that was exactly what they said to Jesus. The Lord gave me comfort and consolation because am going far that the tribulations will be much, but I should always be of good cheers that He has overcome the world for me. He said that I should believe and obey”. She had been through a lot in the cause of her ministry work, but  God Almighty the owner of all souls has kept her all the while. God in His infinite mercy and faithfulness has warded off death and  given her life and life abundantly just as He had promised. She said, “God has come to give you life but Satan has come to steal, to kill and to destroy. But I have come to give you life and more abundantly so I really bless the name of the Almighty God who spared my life till this moment”. 

The 7th day of October  which is the birth day and month of Monisola Fasheyi undoubtedly have spiritual symbolism of perfection and freedom. According to the clergywoman, ” I was born in a glorious year and in the Bible it is a month of jubilee and freedom  for people including myself. I am set free from the bondage of sin and even Nigeria. I believe God that Nigeria has been delivered and set free because Jesus has paid the price for all of us. He paid the price of death and sin”. She lamented that people are still wallowing in many sins particularly occultism despite the fact that Jesus has paid for all sins with his blood. She said, “Jesus paid it all and we must reverence and love him so that we will know all our birthright and inheritance in him”. 

Combining the peculiar roles of a minister of the gospel with being a wife of a politician may appear very daunting; but it has particularly been easy for Rev. Monisola to the glory of God Almighty. She said it was on the Lord’s instruction that her husband  ventured into politics.  According to her, “Holy Spirit who is my guide and my comforter and has been helping me to do it. Although my marriage, my husband and my children are the first ministry and this is the second ministry but I thank God almighty who is helping me to keep the two together. I thank God over his son, my husband who is a very loving and caring husband that I have ever seen on earth because he really took the work of the ministry even more than myself”.  

Mr Fasheye, the husband of Reverend Monisola was not born a politician but God had clearly instructed him to go into the line. God indeed has everything in His hands to give to everybody on earth depending the obedience of individuals. According to her, ” Your obedience will be what will take you to get your inheritance; so my own submission gave him his inheritance from the Lord and I thank God for the cooperation between the two of us. Their is love in the family so that is what I can say and God is helping us”. 

Mrs Fasheyi had advised women in politics to hold their homes and make their homes their number one priority. She had further advised them not to neglect their homes no matter what. She was upbeat that women that give due attention to their homes would be successful and enjoy God’s support. She equally admonished women to reverence their homes and submit to the lordship of their husbands if they ever want to attain fulfilments in their political missions. She counseled woman politicians thus:  “I will implore them and advise the  woman politicians to take their home as their number one priority, to have soft spot for their children and their husbands. They should know their God and that is the basic. Those that truly know their God shall do exploits; so they should know their God, they should not bring shame to their God, they should not insult their God and they must reverence their God because without retaining God in that politics it will be disastrous”.  
Rev. Monisola Fasheyi is not without an innermost birthday request from God. She trusts God for the grace that will take her to a higher height where she will deliver the gospel and where she will tell the whole world what Jesus has done for them. She is also craving for the grace and avenue to tell the world that Jesus is Lord and that he has come to pay their price of sins for mankind.

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