Reps Election : Kemi Adesanya Stands Tall To Win


Reps Election : Kemi Adesanya Stands Tall To Win

Barely few days to the 2023 general elections, the House of Representatives seat for Akure North/South federal constituency in Ondo State is one that has definitely
caught the fancy and attention of good people of the Sunshine State.

The keen interests in the House of Representatives election of Akure North/South federal constituency is
as a result of the candidacy of Hon. Kemisola Adesanya. The grassroots politician is largely trusted by the good people of Akure to deliver the much needed democratic dividends to them.

Emergence of the two term House of Assembly member as the House of Representatives candidate of Peoples Democratic Party has since been greeted by general acceptability by the electorates. Candidacy of Kemi Adesanya has also sent a clear message that the people of Akure are indeed readily prepared for a new dispensation of having an unrepentant grassroots politician as their representative.

Without doubt, Kemi Adesanya is primed and experienced enough to hit the ground running for the overall benefits of the good people of Akure if given the opportunity to serve. More so, the much needed skills for lobbying at the National Assembly is certain to come handy for the female politician who has been living and doing business amongst her people in Akure.

The realities of under performance by the previously elected representatives in Akure North/South federal constituency has now become a serious cause for concern. The evident signs of under performance by previous representatives of Akure at the national assembly was underscored by their obvious lack of the needed experience and lobbying power to attract much needed developmental projects to Akure North/South federal constituency.

All empirical evidences clearly depict that the urge to make huge difference in the lives of her people
has been the major reason for the candidacy of Hon. Kemi Adesanya.
Profile of the Akure born politician is evidently very intimidating and this has also marked her out as the best candidate to represent the good people of Akure at the national assembly from 2023 to 2027.

According to Kemi in one of her recent interviews, she said that the desire to represent the good people of Akure at the Green Chambers of the national assembly was obviously borne out of passion to serve. She equally said the the desire to serve was also driven by the need to provide a very loud voice for the woman and youths in Akure.

“My aspiration to represent the people of Akure South/North federal constituency is born out of my obedience to the call by women, youths and people from the grassroots in my constituency. So many youth and women groups, after seeing my achievements as a two-term state lawmaker, said they believed that if given a higher platform, I would make better impact and add greater values to their lives. 

“There has been a vacuum: Akure South/North has not enjoyed effective representation in the last eight years. The people of my constituency clearly understand this, and that is why they believe I am the most suitable to fill such vacuum. And it will not be fair if I ignore this call. 

“And again, our children, the youth and the women who should be given the most attention in policies and programmes of government, have been highly neglected; they have been left in the throes of poverty and it is someone who better understands this that can change this tide. As a lawmaker for for eight years, I have had the privilege to have very close contact with people at the grass roots. I know their plights.

” Some of them don’t even believe there is a government at the centre because those who are supposed to serve as the bridge to channel their needs to the government at the center have neglected them. They have abandoned governance for good life and politics in Abuja, leaving the people to suffer.”

It is not surprising therefore that the candidacy of Kemi Adesanya has continued to enjoy groundswell support amongst the women, youths, aged and artisans in Akure North/South federal constituency.
She is obviously going to turn out a round peg in a round hole of her constituency. She is also known to be kindness personified and no one can in good conscience dispute this claim in the entire stretches of Akure North and South.

Now is the time of political salvation for the good people of Akure North/South federal constituency. It should be noted that whatever choice that is made by the people of Akure on February 25 is bound to determine and shape their developmental trajectory in the next four years. Good enough, the tested and trusted choice before Akure people is that of Hon. Kemi Adesanya who undoubtedly encapsulates accountability, accessibility, development, empathy amongst other great virtues.

The beautiful, hardworking and exceedingly compassionate Kemi Adesanya is no doubt a trustworthy and forthright person. She is not one of the regular politicians that you cannot take their words to the bank. She stands out and stands different. Hon. Kemisola is always selflessly prepared to go the extra mile for the people of Akure even in the face of difficulties.

The electorates in Akure North/South federal constituency are therefore urged not to get deceived or swayed by ephemeral gains that will eventually deny them the gains of quality, effective and unprecedented representation at the national assembly. The best and safest electoral choice for the good people of Akure on Saturday, February 25 is no one else than Hon. Kemisola Adesanya.

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