Re- Religious Insanity BY Yemi’s diary


The above write-up has come to our notice and we wish to make it known that Cardinal (Dr) J.O. Odunmbaku aka Baba Eto does NOT own Akiode Church. He has never owned it and only worshipped in the Parish as a member at a point in time. He was also not involved in whatever form with any fire incident concerning a member in the church.
Cardinal Odunmbaku owns the City of God parish, Akiode which is very different from Akiode Parish! Celestial Church of Christ, City of God Parish is a Bible believing Church that prides itself on the word of God.
To state that a cape elder sister is on the same status as a Shepherd shows the ignorance of the writer.

We would not hesitate to use the law to deal with purveyors of lies and malicious publications who go about bandying lies about known names just to market their cheap blogs.
Let this come as a clear warning to the writer as we await a rejoinder from the said unscrupulous blogger.

City of God media team.

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